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  2. I do. I was able to get the second deployment up and running, but it looks like I have to assign a different port for our web direct clients. I made the second machine listen to port 8080 (80 is server #1), and it works so far, it's just a little clunky to have to enter port numbers in the url. but at least so far, I'm happy that I don't have to create a vlan to run two servers!
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  4. Do you need both servers to be available from outside the network?
  5. We run 8 FileMaker Servers, all on different machines - there should be no issue doing so...
  6. I'm reaching the 125 database limit of filemaker server, so I need to deploy a second and was hoping I can do that on the same network and just change the default ports. But I must be missing something because I'm not able to bring up the admin console after installation. I think it has to do with a conflict on port 5003, but I'm not sure. (FYI the databases don't have to talk to each other - they are all silo'd) My question is this - is there a way to run more than one filmmaker server deployment on the same network? If not, my only thought would be to create a virtual network with my router, but I don't want to go through the trouble if I don't have to. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  7. My apologies on the confusion, still learning the lingo. This works perfect, thank you!
  8. Cool! :-)
  9. I just tried the following in the WillDelete section If Get ( LayoutName ) = "travels" set field[cars::lastdestination, "x"] I deleted a travel on the device and synced. The lastdestination field on the device was changed to "x" ! So the modification is sent back to client. The problem I have now is to modify my calculated field so it ignores the travels that are going to be deleted. Can I write something in the record that is going to be deleted or will it cause a problem ? EDIT Got it to work 1.created ToBeDeleted field in the travels table 2.modified the relation between travels and cars so the ToBeDeleted travels records are ignored 3.In the willdelete section I set the field ToBeDeleted of the travel to 1 and reevaluate the lastdestination
  10. I thought about the willdelete section. I haven't tried it because I assumed that the data would not be sent back to the client. I may try it to see.
  11. 1) Which exact version of MirrorSync are you running? 2) In the MirrorSync configuration, do you have a foreign key configured from travels to cars? Actually, I just realized that neither of my questions matter, because we always do inserts for all tables, then updates for all tables, then deletes for all tables, so the delete will always happen last. You could edit the 'WillDelete' section for the hub, and in the travel table, you could update the related car record at that point. I don't know whether that will sync the car record back to the client though.
  12. Sorry for the vague title. Let's suppose 2 tables Table Travels (travelID , carID, destinationID) Table Cars (carid, lastdestination) What I want is to update the lastdestination field in the table cars each time a travel is deleted. What I tried is 1.When a travel is deleted on the phone, I update the car modification time stamp to make sure it gets synced. 2.In the customization script in the "A RECORD WAS UPDATED ON THE HUB" section I added If Get ( LayoutName ) = "cars" set field [lastdestination, last(travels::destinationid)] 3.I deleted the last travel of a car and synced. The lastdestination field was not updated. I guess that this is because the deletion of the travel record is done after the car record update. 4. If I update the car on the device again and sync...then the field gets updated. Any way to achieve what I want to do ? Can I force the car table to be synced last ? P.S. Different users can use the same car. I can not use a calculated field to determine the last position on the device because the other user travels are not on the device.
  13. Your question is rather confusing, esp. the part about "button script trigger". If you have a button defined to run a script, then no script trigger is necessary. Make your script do something like: If [ Details::Type = "Meeting" ] Go to Layout [ "Meeting" ] Else If [ Details::Type = "Interview" ] Go to Layout [ "Interview" ] Else If [ Details::Type = "Incident" ] Go to Layout [ "Incident" ] # add more as necessary End If
  14. Hello All, We have 6 layouts based on the type of Details being entered (ie, meeting, interview, incident report form). We created a value list for each type of Detail. From a list view of all Detail records, we would like to set the Detail ID field with a button script trigger that takes the user to the appropriate layout based on the Detail value list selection. Is this possible?
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  16. I think your email address has two letters swapped in the content part of the domain
  17. Thank you so much for the help, this worked. I guess I thought I understood Table Occurrences, but obviously I don't. Thanks, -J
  18. FileMaker inc just released updates for version 15 for FileMaker Pro Client, Advanced and Go.
  19. Sounds like you'd want to start with a table for items, and a related table for expenses. The Category field could go in either table, or both -- presumably with different values, e.g. banjo category might be "twangy things" and its expenses might have categories like, "parts," "lessons," "accessories," etc.
  20. I am with a Los Angeles based television production company that is looking to hire someone to help us develop an asset/inventory tracking system using Filemaker. Below are a few of the features we would like to include. Inventory each item (with its own tracking #) To be used for tracking computer, camera, furniture, media, appliances, etc Check items in and out. Assign a work number to each item at time of check out. Generate inventory reports. Date of availability for each item (automated reminders) Ability to function with barcodes & barcode scanner Tracking sign in/out and maintenance histories We are located in Los Angeles, CA, but open to someone working remotely for design and implementation. This would be a project based job. The ideal candidate has extensive experience creating/developing applications using Filemaker Pro. Please forward your resume to Best, Angelica
  21. I did not realize that... I will try that and see how that works. Thank you.
  22. A relationship using the X relational operator does not need a matching key value. Just use any two fields as the matchfields. -- P.S. What makes you think Filemaker is not a "true relational database"?
  23. Thanks for the quick reply. Not sure how I would do that since they do not share a key. The relationship between Staff and workshop is all thru the WorkshopStaff table. I have been working with true relational databases for a long time, so I may be missing something here in FMP.
  24. I don't know, because I don't understand the situation. There are numerous options here, depending on what exactly you're tracking and - no less importantly - for what purposes. These questions cannot be sidestepped.
  25. Why don't you relate the StaffList TO directly to Workshops?
  26. Hello, I am back to working in FMP after a multi-year hiatus, and I am rusty and am currently stuck. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I hope I am posting in the right topic. I am building a solution where we have a number of many-to-many relationships that are being used via portals. This is the issue that I am having that I am stumped on. In this instance I have the following db graph: Workshops <--=--> WorkshopStaff <--=--> Staff Each workshops may have multiple Staff and Staff may participate in Multiple workshops On the Workshops layout I have a portal to WorkshopsStaff In order to add Staff to the Workshop I have a button that brings up a popover with a portal that lists all Staff from which to select. I can select a Staff Member and they get added to the WorkshopStaff table. This popover was more or less modeled on the "invoices" starter solution The way I am displaying the portal inside the popover is via a table occurrence like this: Staff <--X--> StaffList (Cartesian relationship) My issue is that the portal in the popover (the result of the cartesian relationship) displays and works as intended as long as I have one related entry in the WorkshopClient table. But for a new Workshop for which I don't yet have any entries in the WorkshopClient table the portal in my popover comes up empty. What I am doing wrong or is there a better way to populate the list from which to select staff? Thanks a bunch. -J
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