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  2. Your calculation is a little awkward because it checks the same thing twice, but other than that it should work. Of course, any calculation that uses Get ( CurrentTime ) must be unstored. This may add unnecessary burden on reporting. Consider keeping the calculation stored, e.g. as = If ( Time Out ; Time Out - Time In ) and displaying the alternative calculation as a placeholder.
  3. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    It's complicated. Because we are a public interest law firm, many of our clients don't pay any fee. The point of the software is to let clients determine if they can file themselves (and then produce the necessary forms) or if they require assistance from us. The lawyers here are uncomfortable (from a liability and legal ethics standpoint) with storing "non-client" data on a server that we own or control. So, this is the compromise solution.
  4. Internet plug-in adds new script steps and online help for FileMaker Pro 16. Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, June 26, 2017–Troi today announced the immediate availability of Troi URL Plug-in 5.0 for FileMaker Pro 16. What is Troi URL Plug-in? Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data or images from web sites. - use the POST command to fill in a web form and retrieve the result directly in FileMaker Pro - use the GET command to retrieve data - use the PUT command to to transfer files or upload data to web servers - use the DELETE command to delete items on web servers - use a secure connection (HTTPS) using SSL - get access to password protected web pages, including those that require OAuth authorization - get JPEG, PNG and GIF images directly into a container field - specify cookies and proxy server settings - send tweets to Twitter with ease! What is new in version 5.0? We rewrote Troi URL Plug-in for FileMaker 16 and it now has the following new functionality: - Tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 16. - Added new functionality to the TURL_Get function. When getting images, like jpegs the name of the image (like for example img_4321.jpg) is now also added to the container data. - Fixed a problem with creating the correct OAuth signature for parameters in the TURL_SendAuthorizedRequest function. - Fixed a problem with the TURL_SendAuthorizedRequest function for urls that contain extra parameters (after a question mark: like www.example.com?page=1). - Made various minor changes to the example files to better work with FileMaker Pro 16. - Updated the code by adding improved namespace handling to make the plug-in more robust. Extra features when running FileMaker Pro 16 Version 5.0 adds the following new features when running in FileMaker 16: - The URL Plug-in adds multiple script steps when running in FileMaker Pro 16. You can select these script steps in the script steps pane in Script Workspace, or you can begin typing the script step name, then choose the script step from the list that appears. The script steps significantly expand the possible actions you can perform with FileMaker Pro. Only steps that perform an action have been added as a script step. Functions that just return information (like for example TURL_GetLastHTTPStatusCode) are only available as an external function. The following seven script steps are added: - Delete URL - Get URL - Post URL - Put URL - Reinitialize URL Plug-in - Send Authorization PIN URL - Send Authorized Request URL - Added new scripts to several example files, which demonstrate how to use the new external script steps of FileMaker Pro 16. The examples check if FileMaker Pro 16 is running and will select these new scripts. - Added support for online help for the functions and script steps of the plug-in. You can now easily get online help from the Troi website, by clicking the Help button (the small question mark button) next to the function description in the functions pane or the script step description in the script steps pane. Apart from these additions we fixed several bugs and made various further improvements. More detailed information on all changes and improvements implemented in Troi URL Plug-in 5.0 can be found at: https://www.troi.com/products/urlplugin/ Pricing & Availability A fully functional demo version of Troi URL Plug-in 5.0 is available for downloading at: https://www.troi.com/products/urlplugin/ Licenses cost US$ 79 per user. Details on developer licenses and multi-user discounts can be found on our web site. You can order licenses from our web site. Upgrade information Version 5.0 needs a new registration. The upgrade is free for users who bought a license for Troi URL Plug-in on or after May 24, 2016. Eligible users will be sent a new registration. Contact us if you have not received yours after June 30, 2017. Upgrades from licenses bought before May 24, 2016 are available from US$ 49 per user. Upgrade prices for other licenses can be found on our web site. You can order upgrades from our web site. Contact information D. Budding Troi Automatisering Newsroom: https://www.troi.com/news/
  5. Conditional Value List Issues

    Hi Shanzo and welcome to the FM Forums, Can you post a copy your file, so that we can better see what you are trying to do? Please read this topic by Ocean West, as it explains how to add a file ,and more. Anatomy of a Good Topic Lee
  6. Can you change parts of text colour in a portal in a report

    Hi Steve, There would be no benefit to others by posting this file. The original file was written by a develop who has sense past away, Sarah was only tweaking it for her use. All we did was changed a few calculations, added a couple of Custom Functions from Brian Dunning's site having to do with coloring text, and checked the box for sorting a relationship. In addition, Sarah worked out several things on her own. Lee
  7. Hi All I am fairly new to FIlemaker and am working on a project that I want to have a few conditional value drop down lists for product entry. I want to have the ability to enter in multiple line items and have copied the fields to make up 5 lines. The issue I am having is that the drop-down menu selections populate all of the line items when something is selected. For example, if I select something in the first field, it selects the same section on all 5 lines I feel like I am missing something simple but have been banging my head on this for a while and I am not getting anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Can you change parts of text colour in a portal in a report

    Can you post the answer too?
  9. Can you change parts of text colour in a portal in a report

    absolutely! Where to I tick that it is answered and complete??
  10. Can you change parts of text colour in a portal in a report

    Hi Sarah, I think we can be mark this question as being answered from our working on it off list via Private Messages. Lee
  11. Syncing after importing records

    Thanks Tsiry, Its seems this step is the one I am not doing: After the import, create a new record in the MirrorSync table on the hosted database. Set the type to 'Server'. Modify the sync4 field (you'll need to switch to layout mode to see which one that is), and set it to the timestamp when you ran the import, using the format 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss' (in 24 hour time). Note: If you are not syncing with FileMaker Server (ex. MySQL<->FileMakerPro/Go) you will make this change in the offline file. However, that is going to prove difficult. The import into the offline file is dependent on when the user downloads the update. I wont have any idea when they did the import, and it will be different for each user. I could run a script on the server to create this new record, but it seems like that might cause problems. I guess I dont know enough about what is happening in this particular process to know what to do - can you shed any more light on it?
  12. Devin is exactly correct. You can filter the messages being read in by passing in key=value parameters (in the above example "viewed" and "readonly" are the keys). Please see the documentation on EmailReadMessages for an entire list of keys and more information on how to use them.
  13. Hello Friend, Here I want to synchronize a layout ( attendance table Summary) field record ( Current Month Total Absent No) of selected employee name with selected salary month name to another layout (salary details) field records(No of leaves) with the same employee name and salary month. How it can be done by calculation or by Sql method or any other way to do so. Here is small file for reference with some transactions sample. Thanks Samarth Salary & Attendance Register - Copy.fmp12
  14. Removing Spaces while printing

    This is the latest on how it looks. I removed the lines and made all the boxes hide if nothing is there.
  15. <Function Missing>

    Hi Goldrush, I am sorry to see that you are having trouble getting the plugin up and running. Of note and for your's and other's information, Email 2 does require Java 6 but you do not have to uninstall any other versions of Java. You can have multiple versions of Java installed on a machine and the software will use the one it needs. Email 3 does not require Java 6 so no worries there. With that being said, installing the plugin on FileMaker Server does not enable it for use it in FileMaker Pro, regardless of the file being hosted, unless you are calling your scripts via Perform Script on Server. If you need to edit and/or write scripts in FileMaker Pro that use plugin functions then you will need to install the plugin locally. This is why you are seeing the <function missing> in your scripts. Additionally, upon first initialization the plugins need to download support files in order to operate. If this process can not complete for whatever reason then the plugin will fail to initialize. It looks like this is the case for you. Please follow the instructions here to manually complete the process. If you are still having issues, follow the instructions on how to submit your logs to our support system and we will investigate the issue further.
  16. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    Hmmm... I would seriously reconsider making an app that produces a (binding?) legal document and that people will have physically on their machines. But that's just me and maybe I'm making the legal aspect too big. Might a web app work for your scenario? Without integration with a proper document generation tool, you still don't need to take data from the answers and put them in a separate table. Can you give us some examples of boilerplate text where answer data would need to be inserted?
  17. I have 2 fields, time in and time out that are filled in when a user clocks in or clocks out. I'm trying to create a 3rd field that calculates the lapsed time. If there is no end time then the field should (get current time) so these hours are calculated on the fly. Here is my field calculation so far: Case( Time Out; Time Out - Time In; IsEmpty (Time Out); Get( CurrentTime ) - Time In )
  18. Removing Spaces while printing

    Which boxes are you referring to? I can take out the vertical lines no problem to make it work. Just so I can make sure I'm doing this correctly, first I would click the line object I have underneath the fields, and then the "Year" field. Go to Sliding and Visibility; click sliding up based on: Only objects directly above.
  19. Wow! Thank you VERY much for all that. You're a prince among men. : )
  20. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    Because this will ultimately be a runtime app distributed to our clients (we are a public interest law firm) and we can't count on even a significant portion having word. We need a self-contained solution...
  21. Syncing after importing records

    When you do the import, be sure to uncheck the box that says "Perform auto-enter options while importing". The primary keys, modification timestamps, and creation timestamps need to match between the mobile file and the server file. Please check the below link out for more information about offline pre-population. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Can_I_pre-populate_my_offline_database_to_speed_up_initial_sync.3F Thanks
  22. Hi Kernel4, Does this happen every time you launch FileMaker? or was this during the first time launching FileMaker after installing the plugin?
  23. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    'page faults' as in the Windows Performance monitor counter? True, but FMS interacts with the OS to consume resources, memory-disk-network-cpu. But, you did give me something to check that I had forgotten about. I have increased the cache setting in FMS to see if page faults goes down. The problem I am having is poor performance on data display, mostly portals. This SCALE system is significantly slower than the VMWare system that preceded, 6-7x on average. The performance monitoring I have done seems to indicate a network card problem. But, my IT group is not convinced. So, we are working through the process to develop a common understanding of the problem. I am gathering more stats today after the cache setting change to see if it helps.
  24. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    I'd love to do it as a merge with Word, but unfortunately, that is not an option here. Thanks!
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  26. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    If the end result is a legal document then creating the output is a matter of merging data with the template document. The actual document template should be in Word or a similar tool that is good at that. Word and its counterparts are very good at allowing data to be merged into templates. So you have the two challenges: 1- guide the user through the right questions, in FM. 2- merge the answers into a document (FM data --> the document template) I'll disagree on the 'only tool' bit, use a document creation tool for the template; don't do that part in FM. Let FM be the data and set up the merge.
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