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  2. I have a multi-page printout which is split with a page break for each sub summary part. Imagine for example a room inventory list where each room gets its own page. I'd like to save these as separate PDF files, so each room has it's own file, e.g. Room1Inventory.pdf Room2Inventory.pdf ... One way to do this is simply loop through the room numbers, and for each room do a Find / Sort / Preview Mode / Save as PDF. But I'm curious if this can be done a different way - what if I already am in Preview mode with a report showing all rooms (where there's a sub summary page break). Is there any way at this point to loop through in Preview mode and save each page into it's own PDF file? I can almost get it working like this: Find Record Sort Enter Preview Mode Loop set variable $roomNumber = Rooms::RoomNumber set variable $startPage = Get(PageNumber) set variable $endPage = $startPage + 1 set variable $file = "Room Number" & $roomNumber Save Records as PDF (output file=$file, options/include specific page: from $startPage to $startPage+1 go to next page, exit after last End Loop Two problems: 1. unfortunately, since I'm in Preview mode, Rooms::RoomNumber never changes, it's always showing the value on the first record in the found set, regardless of what page I'm on. 2. if the report is more than one page long for a given room, I need to figure out what $endPage should be.
  3. I use filemaker 11. I like to take each picture file and match it to the filename and insert the picture in a folder. My logic should be as followed: Loop for each picture in a folder, set the variable x as a picture filename. Search x(picture filename) Insert the picture file to the container End I have problem look to set variable and set it as a picture filename from a folder. Can anyone help me to look for the right function or command from filemaker 11. Thanks. KC
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  5. There are some good resources on how to work with the Inspector using themes, and styles. If you are a member of ISO Magazine, I found this video among the best help in understanding how you can use these tools. (Re)Theming Solutions
  6. On the same note, field set to a 'Pop-Up Value Menu' by default has a drop shadow that is not removable in the drop shadow and or line options... somehow i've found a Pop-up that does not have this, that i've been able to modify and spawn from to avoid this ugly thing.
  7. Hi Barbara, Minimalist wasn’t available in 12, that is why I think it is important to know the version. Lee Dr. Evil, Thanks for updating the version.
  8. same here, but even the Minimalist theme has this 'Pressed' state specified. From what I can see, any and all starter themes have button specified with a 'Pressed' state.... so I can not figure out a work-around to clear the pressed state, like I can with the 'hover' state. I find it weird that, once you specify a state, you can not just clear it back to 'un-specified'. I'm going insane trying to explain this, hahaha, but it is driving me crazy! =)
  9. I don't usually use any default theme because they come with lots of predefined states. I start with Minimalist and add styles as I need.
  10. by default, with some preloaded themes, the 'Hover' state is not specified on a button, so there is no reaction, unless you specify one. once you specify it, you can not clear it back to 'unspecified'. So I can just go back to a default button, and create a new style if I every want to remove Hover state. But all the buttons seem to come with a preloaded 'Pressed' state, so i can not use this trick to clear the pressed state.
  11. Hi Dr. Evil, Please update your profile to reflect your current Version of FileMaker. Button States were not available in 11. TIA Lee
  12. In this demo file, select button, choose [button bar: segment] > Pressed, notice that the color of fill changes. I wish to clear this, so it does not change under 'Pressed'
  13. Refresh Object
  14. I see how to edit various states. but once edited, it seems you can not 'clear' the spec. Meaning, once you have specified a characteristic of an a stare, you must always have a specified state. i want to make it un-specified, so it does not react at all to the different state. I can edit the sates to give an illusion of no reaction, but I want a true null reaction to state.
  15. Edit the appearance settings for the various states. They don't need to be different.
  16. Can you clear a style of the Hover, Pressed, Etc. state? If I understand correctly, button Hover, Pressed, Etc. states are not specified, then the Normal state is used throughout. I have a button that I wish to NOT change state upon Pressed, but I can not seem to clear it, any help on this? Thank you so much!
  17. Ok thanks. What I mean is that based on the relationship that are set between sync table are the same on host and on mobile. I've followed the setup on Tim's site and did everything as written. I set a single table to sync in 2 directions, so the name of the table is ES_TRIP. I've tried setting on a push or a pull only configuration and in all the cases is not working. If I put the example hosted file on the server and then I try to sync the mobile it works.
  18. The host file and mobile file are not the same. They each use different scripts. If you want to sync in both directions, you'll need both push and pull. I suggest using Tim's samples to test your setup.
  19. Hello there, I've set up 2 files syncing with Easysync. I've set up just a single table in sync called ES_TRIP (without pull or push, because I want to sync in both directions, is that correct). I put the same cfg on mobile and on host file and the process start working but it throws me an error: "The attempt to push data to the server has failed. (The message received from the server was: "111A01C0-27AE-414B-AC1C-DC56C83F877E" The hosted file is on a fm server 15 that is reachable and working - I've tried the hosted link and it is correctly working. The TRIP child table is set to add record (but not delete) on both files. What should I check on it? Thanks!
  20. The free BaseElements plug-in has a similar function: BE_ExportFieldContents ( field ; outputPath ) Exports the contents of the container field to disk at the outputPath specified. Container fields should be inserted via "Insert File". This provides a similar functionality to the Export Field Contents script step, but is also available via FileMaker Server.
  21. Hello, ok that works perfect but i must have my database setup wrong as it doesnt insert customer ID it starts a blank service but fills in all the data as required . service is connected by customer id match field . the portal is in the customer layout. Hope that makes sense
  22. It's working now. FWIW in the outlook settings it seems like you need to check TLS, but I got it work by leaving all the advanced settings blank like so.
  23. Businesses are realizing that off the shelf apps just aren’t meeting the unique organizational and process oriented needs of their company as well as a custom app is able to. Custom apps are helping businesses manage scattered data and processes better than ever. Organizations are more efficient, more effective, want a better way to work, and better insights to make decisions. Learn why there has never been a better time to build a custom app for your organization. Why Your Business Should Use a Custom App David Happersberger
  24. Total noob question... I'm unable to get past the connection stage using the plugin to connect using IMAP to office365. I'm sure the username/password are correct and have tried all the combinations of TLS/SSL. I've put the port number and tried it without as well. Any ideas on where to go from here? Thanks!
  25. As this question remains unanswered, I'll ask again. Is there a way to invoke a carriage return in a Word 2010 document using ScribeDocSubstitute ? I have a many 3-line address calculation fields (Name on line 1. Street address on line 2 and City, State, Zip on line 3). The calculation, Name & Char(13) & Street & Char (13) & CSZ, works perfectly in Word for Mac. The carriage returns do not work in Word 2010 for Windows, thus the Name, Street and CSZ end up as a long string on the same line. I have also tried using Pilcrow and Char (10), neither works on Windows.
  26. okay i take onboard what your saying ill give it a go. ill also rename the field correctly
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