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  2. Removing Spaces while printing

    Sliding will not work if any fields are set to align middle (vertically) and borders on lines can sometimes be a factor, also check on the layout setup and un check the boxes.
  3. Removing Spaces while printing

    I know that, this screen shot is of preview mode. Sliding didn't work.
  4. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    He moved everything to GitHub. https://github.com/timdietrich/fmeasysync
  5. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    I think Tim is blocking WayBack now.
  6. container filling

    What would be the purpose of this exercise? I suspect you want to create one additional table, with one container field and one field linking it to the parent record in your original table. Then use a script to create (up to) 10 related records for each record in the parent table and populate each with the content of one of 10 container fields in the parent record.
  7. container filling

    i made a table with one text field and 10 container fileds and made 260 records , now i am duplicating the same table nine more times so fields are duplicated not the records question is - i want the other 9 tables container to be filled with table 1 container graphics which i can do manually but very hard time taking pain process is there any easy method to make 9 table container fields to be filled with table 1 graphics as we cant export and import containers like text fields to .xlsx please
  8. Removing Spaces while printing

    Sliding only shows in Preview and in Print.
  9. Removing Spaces while printing

    I'm having some issues with the understanding of Sliding & Visibility feature of the Position section of the Inspector. I've attached a screenshot of the what it would look like when printed, but would like to know how to work through making that space below the last subject and bringing up the line separating the next grade. There are fields there, where the blank space is, but it has conditional formatting so that if the subject is missing, none of the other information will show. Essentially there are a total of 15 subject fields going down vertically but want the section to move up if the fields are empty so that the document could fit to one page.
  10. FileMaker 12 to 16

    SuperContainer data is stored in a directory on the server - you can make sure you backup your HD so you have copies of all the original files. The default locations for the file storage is http://docs.360works.com/index.php/SuperContainer#File_Storage you can get the version number of SC by going to: http://domain_or_ip.com/SuperContainer Upgrading to a new version will update the server tomcat files and resources needed to serve images it will not delete folders where files are stored.
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  12. FileMaker 12 to 16

    We are currently running FM 12 with Super Container that was installed on 03/06/2014. I understand that we would need to upgrade, but will it wipe out what is there? I am the IT person for our company and when our FM programmer died, I took over with FM. I know that I might sound stupid, but I want to make sure that we won't lose any data. Will the Super Container be easy to upgrade for a very rusty FM caretaker? Also, sorry I have not found out where to get the version number of the SC.
  13. Calculating overtime?

    Is the result type Time? If yes, you can do: Max ( TotalHours - Time ( 8 ; 0 ; 0 ) ; 0 ) The result is Time, too.
  14. Calculating overtime?

    This question comes up from time to time. See if this helps https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=site:+fmfourms.com&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#q=site:+fmforums.com+overtime HTH Lee
  15. There may be a simple solution to this but I can't think of one. I have a field that calculated total hours for the day. How can I have a field show any time over 8 hours for that day? Thanks
  16. Hi after the installation of the last version of Scribe, the launch time of Filemaker is very slow ( nearly 2 minutes ). I tried to reinstall the OS ( macOS Sierra ) and Filemaker ( pro adv 16 ) but nothings change. I also tried to uninstall the other plugins, but the only way to get back to normal launch time is to remove the scribe plugin I don't know what else to try. thanks in advance
  17. Not sure what you mean by 'integrated'. Running a DDR is a feature of FMPA. Anyway; noticed that you also posted on FM Community site and got more answers there so I'll refrain from keeping two threads alive. As a gentle reminder: it is good form to indicate that a post is cross-posted on multiple forums. A lot of us are on those different forums.
  18. yes. perhaps from FM adv 13 that I still have on my computer. Although, I thought the DDR is integrated with FM.
  19. HTML version of the DDR? Is it there in the XML version of the DDR, try the trial versions of FMPerception, BaseElements or Inspector Pro if you don't want to dig into the XML yourself? What do you mean with 'earlier version of the DDR'? From a previous version of the file?
  20. FM 15 ADV, Windows 10 64 bit. The DDR report is not showing the layouts and scripts that a field is used in. Can this be fixed? If not, is it possible to get and use an earlier version of the DDR?
  21. EasySync Error 201

    Seems that re-naming the tables ES_PULL_TABLENAME worked, it certainly moved on so it was requesting the payload, which is great, have to wait till Out of hours to test this fully now. Thank you all for the guidance and help.
  22. Schema design for small project...

    I would have a table for Questions (12 permanent records) and a table for Responses (12 records for each person surveyed). Optionally a table of Respondents and a table of Surveys. The actions part is not clear. Is an action required as the result of a single response? Or as a result of combination of responses from a single respondent? Or from multiple respondents? I am not sure that's required, but in any case those would better be calculation fields. Otherwise you open the door to having more then one checked.
  23. Layout sharing?

    Glad I could help. FYI in FileMaker 16 you can now set the data source as a variable, so it can be scripted.
  24. text field vs numeric field in sorting issue

    No, it only affects the way the field is displayed on the layout. Keep in mind that you can add another instance of the same field to the layout and format it differently. Filemaker keeps the original value as entered. If you enter "7x01" into a number field, you will get "7x01" as the result of GetAsText ( Numberfield ). You will also see the original value when you click into the number field - no matter how it's formatted. But the value will be indexed as "701".
  25. Schema design for small project...

    I'd lean towards using a table for the Y/N/NA items, but with separate (boolean) fields for Y/N/NA. And the actions in the parent record, again with separate booleans for each. Makes the reporting dead simple.
  26. Email List Calculation

    Glad I could help. And yes I meant a new table. Any time we see something like field1, field2, field3, that's generally a red flag that the database structure might need rethinking.
  27. text field vs numeric field in sorting issue

    Ouch! I was looking at the wrong place for that setting then. I assumed that field formatting overruled any and all preference. Just as a side question... If you make a new calc field where the formula is 'A_NUM_T' and the output is text, it shows the original value again. Does that mean that the value as entered remains the same, even if the numeric field is not displaying it?
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