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FM Pro Unlimited 5 not finding FM server

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We are migrating our web server from Windows to Linux, and are moving our FMU package to a Windows 2003 machine where the web server will proxy it.

FMU runs fine, as far as operation goes, but when it starts up, it will not find the FM server, even though it is in the same subnet. When I click on "Local hosts" nothing shows up in the list. If I click on the server name (I've added it to the list) it finds it just fine. The 2003 box can do both forward and reverse lookups on the name/ip of the FM server, and can connect to it fine when explicitly given the name, but it will not find it automatically which prevents FMU from starting up at boot.*

Any ideas?

j----- k-----

*We have a user set to auto-login, and this user runs FMU as part of their startup.

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