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Becky A

Selected Radio Button From Value List

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In my Site Assistant generated "Add Record" and "Find Record" pages I have some radio button fields with two options, Yes and No. The database includes a value list called "YesNo". I defaulted these radio buttons on the database by auto-entering "No" or "Yes" but would also like to default them for people using the Web site.

A radio button field on the Add Record page that I want to default to No is called "Disclaimer". Here is the PHP. Can someone tell me how to mark "No" as selected when it comes from a value list?

<td class="field_data"><?php getInputChoices("radio", layout->getValueList('YesNo',

$record->getRecordId()), $record->getField('Disclaimer', 0) ,

getFieldFormName('Disclaimer', 0, $record));?>


Thank you.


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