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FM Server 2011 Admin Console Password Recovery

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I need to make recovery of the Admin Console Password properly FileMaker Server2011. I assumed management of this server and I would like to avoid deleting the 4configuration file to reset your password. Unfortunately, those who first ran the serverdid not leave the data access.


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There really is no "recovery" feature. Close files using terminal CLI, and then delete the configuration files. Call up the console and reconfigure.


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Can you elaborate on that process? We recently changed the Admin Console password for our FMS 10 and today, following a power outage which our battery backup was unable to handle, I am unable to login using either the new or previous password.


Thank you,



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    • By sam215
      One of the database was corrupted. So we have created clone of that database and performed recovery. We have imported records from this recovered file into new clone file.
      This database is connected(relationship) to other database.e.g there are two database Department & employee database.These two table are created via DEPT_ID.I performed recovery on employee database.
      Department Employee DEPT_ID EMP_ID DEPT_NAME DEPT_ID   EMP_NAME Now When I create new employee for XYZ department.It is assigned to the another department.
      How to solve this ?
      I checked the recovery logs and did not find any errors but found this line
    • By Asu
      Hello - I opened a very simple file I have been using for years (originated as v12 now 15) and it presented me with a password window. It is a simple index card file containing study material  and it has never ever been password protected. 
      I tried with my computer account info and it did not work.  Admin-admin or blank-blank ditto. Again, it has never been password protected as it had no reason to be. Fortunately I could restore it from a backup drive, of course it was not password protected and it opened without a hitch. 
      How could this have happened? Has anyone ever heard about such thing? 
    • By Anthony
      I am using Insert From URL to send HTTP GET request to my server and get the result.
      I have a function PING that returns 1 if the server is online, but it cannot returns 0 if it is not so I am catching the error on filemaker :
      Connection timed out; the timeout value is 60 seconds.
      Is there a way to reduce  this timeout value so the user does not have to wait a minute to know that the server is offline ?
      Similarly, if a process takes too long to answer, is there a way I can timeout the Insert From URL command ?
    • By troi
      Troi Automatisering releases Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 for FileMaker Pro 15

      Updated plug-in for FileMaker Pro 15 lets you store your encryption passwords in the keychain.

      July 5th, 2016, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands--Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 for FileMaker Pro 15.

      What is Troi Encryptor Plug-in?

      Troi Encryptor Plug-in is a very powerful tool for securing your FileMaker data, exporting or emailing your data without risk and importing safely back into FileMaker. All from within FileMaker you can:
      - encrypt text or container fields, using the powerful 256-bit AES encryption scheme, so that your sensitive data is secure
      - export encrypted data that can be sent safely across internet, for example via email. No risk that someone will read or change the data while in transit
      - use the decryption functions to restore the original information after you have imported the received email or export file back into FileMaker, with the assurance that nobody will have tampered with it
      - exchange AES-encrypted data with other systems (like for example PHP-mcrypt)
      - verify data integrity and sources with SHA-1 message digests
      - encode text in Base64
      - make conversions to and from binary
      - compress databases with large text fields

      What is new in version 3.5?

      Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 has been made compatible with FileMaker 15:
      - Improved the multi-threading behavior of the plug-in when running in FileMaker Pro 15.
      - Added description and type-ahead information for all functions of the plug-in. This extra function description will be shown in FileMaker Pro 15 in the Specify Calculation dialog box when you type a function name and also as a text popup in the functions pane on the right. The type-ahead information is used by the auto complete functionality of FileMaker Pro 15.

      Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 has the following new functionality:
      - Added three new functions to safely store, retrieve and delete passwords in the keychain. An account name and ID parameter are used to distinguish between passwords, so you can give acces to a user on a per database level, but also on a per field or even per record basis.

      Version 3.5 has several further improvements and an updated User Guide. More detailed information on all changes and improvements implemented in Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 and earlier can be found at:

      Pricing & Availability

      A fully functional demo version of Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 is available for downloading at Troi's Web site at:

      Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 works with FileMaker Pro 12 to 15. The plug-in can also be used with runtimes created by FileMaker Advanced 12 to 15. The plug-in is available for OS X 10.6.8 or higher and Windows 7 to 10.

      Licenses cost US$ 79 per user. Details on developer licenses and multi-user discounts can be found on our web site. You can order licenses from our web site.

      FileMaker Server requirements

      Troi Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 also works with FileMaker Server 12 to 15 as a server-side plug-in and as a plug-in used by the web publishing engine and WebDirect. To use this, you need to purchase a special cross-platform server/web license which costs US$ 399.

      Upgrade information

      Product updates from earlier versions, bought on or after May 12th, 2015, are free: eligible users will be emailed a new registration string. Contact us if you have not received yours after July 7th, 2016. 

      Upgrades from licenses bought before May 12th, 2015, are available from US$ 39 per user.
      Upgrade prices for other licenses can be found on our web site. You can order upgrades from our web site.

      About Troi Automatisering

      Troi Automatisering has over 15 years experience in developing high quality cross platform plug-ins for FileMaker Pro and is winner of the FileMaker Pro Excellence Award. For more information, visit our web site at:    

      Contact information  

      D. Budding
      Troi Automatisering

    • By MrVinceo
      I'm trying to execute a windows cmd script server-side from client machines. I've got this working locally using Send Event, but I found that this command isn't compatible with server schedules, which I believe would be the best way to do this in conjunction with a flag. The specifics of the script I'm wanting to deploy are:
      We use Google Apps for our user accounts, of which we have thousands. We currently use Google Apps Manager, a cmd tool for making remote changes to accounts and other aspects of Google apps, on a linux server as part of an automated workflow that is triggered by Filemaker/ODBC etc. However, occasionally the process trips up, or a user needs changes to be made to their account so I'm wanting to create an interface in Filemaker that the team can use to execute a server-side script that performs actions on a record-by-record basis. E.g., one of the script steps is
      Send Event [""; "aevt"; "odoc"; "cmd.exe /c gam create user " & Enrolled Courses::Gmail & " firstname " & Contact Details::First Name &" lastname " & Contact Details::Last Name & " password " & Enrolled Courses::Password]  - this works when run locally on the server, but not from clients due (I presume) to the Send Event step.
      We can't install the command line tool on each of the client machines due to security implications, and also because they're a mix of macs & PCs and the server is Windows, so I really need to be able to execute the cmd.exe server-side (although there is a Python flavour of the tool, if that opens up any options). If there any way to do this that also allows passing the required variables?
      Many thanks in advance.