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FM Server 2011 Admin Console Password Recovery

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I need to make recovery of the Admin Console Password properly FileMaker Server2011. I assumed management of this server and I would like to avoid deleting the 4configuration file to reset your password. Unfortunately, those who first ran the serverdid not leave the data access.


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There really is no "recovery" feature. Close files using terminal CLI, and then delete the configuration files. Call up the console and reconfigure.


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Can you elaborate on that process? We recently changed the Admin Console password for our FMS 10 and today, following a power outage which our battery backup was unable to handle, I am unable to login using either the new or previous password.


Thank you,



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      We can't install the command line tool on each of the client machines due to security implications, and also because they're a mix of macs & PCs and the server is Windows, so I really need to be able to execute the cmd.exe server-side (although there is a Python flavour of the tool, if that opens up any options). If there any way to do this that also allows passing the required variables?
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      Today, for the first time ever, my master database, which has always opened automatically when double clicked, is asking me for an Account and password.
      It is suggesting my home account, however the password for my home account is not working. I have tried all the possible passwords I can think of, but I cannot get into my file except as a guest and then I cant make any changes.
      I have no idea why this has suddenly happened. I never asked to password protect that file, I always just double clicked it and it opened right up. I have a second database and that one opens up correctly. When I look at the File/options, I see that it is checked not to require any password. So should the one I cant open.
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      P.S. When open this database as a guest account I see that in File/options it says the Account is Admin with no password. Unfortuantely that also will not open it for modifying. 
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    • Printing PDF from iPad via PSOS
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      I had a request to print PDFs from an iPad.
      In the past I created a bot that based on Sic Fried Rice's (if I'm not mistaken)  technique would print a label on a label printer by triggering a script from the iPad.
      I would like to be able print without setting up a Bot, PHP or using a plugin.
      I got close but for some reason I'm stuck on the last bit and I'm sure other developers have done this before.
      So the process I came up with so far is:
      1, I found a lightweight utility called SumatraPDF which I copied to the Doc folder on the Windows FM 14 server
      2. I populated a global field with the batch file string to print the document
      (e.g. "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\sumatrapdf"  "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\1.pdf"   -print-to-default)
      3. I created a print script for the iPad that runs a PSOS script that exports the global field to the documents folder and opens it
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      Problem is it doesn't print when run from the iPad.
      Maybe 'open automatically' isn't supported on PSOS?
      I'm open to other ideas....
      Update: seems that it is unrelated to printing - the batch file just doesn't get run.