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Updating Many Records - Best Practices?

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Posted 30 January 2012 - 12:53 PM

Hi all,

I'm writing a web-app to talk to my company's filemaker database. It's for inventory.

The app runs a query on the products table to find the ones that we're checking inventory for, this usually returns about 1300 records. (This initial step takes about 3-5 seconds) I store the resultant FX array into the user's session. I use the array to allow the web app to quickly page through the products. The inventory numbers (3 fields - boxes, packs, units) entered by the user are stored in the array as well.

Once all the inventory numbers are entered, I will have the user commit his entered inventory to the filemaker database. My plan is to iterate through the products in the array and perform a query for each one, finding it by recID, then writing the 3 fields back to the FM database. Based on my experience with FX so far, this is likely to be a slow procedure. Is there any better way to do what I need to?

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