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importing from excel; match field required for new record

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I'm setting up an excel file for import to "update matching records in found set" records and selected the option to "add remaining data as new records." My match field is the sys_id. What I"m finding is filemaker won't add the remaining data as new records unless there's a value in the sys_id match field. Normally, that field is set to auto-enter a serial number in sequence. I would prefer not to create a sys_id value in the excel in case someone has created the same one from within filemaker.

Any reason Filemaker is requiring data in the match field to create a new record with the remaining data?

Thanks for any help and advice.


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If I understand this correctly, you should create a calculation field = sys_id and use it as the match field. Then your new records can have any arbitrary value in their sys_id cell. Make sure to apply auto-enters during the import.

I am assuming here that the existing records do have a sys_id value and that it is the correct one - otherwise your question makes no sense.

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