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Exporting Report Data causes FileMaker Error !

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I have recently started working for a company. They use an Order Management System using FM 11. They have a Revenue Report which after displaying on screen, they use the File->Export option to export data from it.

Problem is : when Export is clicked, it asks for the name of file and type (we export in .xlsx) then there is an option for Worksheet name and after clicking OK, then the system crashes. The people here have been using Recover command to recover and they start using the recovered file. This file works fine for a few days and then crashes again.

I cannot recover and start all over again from a recent backup as FileMaker suggests, since this problem has been there since a long time. Is there any other way to solve this problem ?????? Please suggest.

I am attaching the screen shot of the error.

Any help would be highly appreciated......Thankyou


I thought I had attched the error file, but I guess not. Here it is...



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