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DocuBin File Upload Issue

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I am facing a problem while uploading a file to DocuBin from the Sample file which is available in the DocuBin downloaded folder.

When I am uploading a new file to DocuBin from Sample file, its showing an error message as "Parameter missing (*)" followed by another error message as "Error 958. Parameter missing (*)".

Here I have attached the screenshot of those error messages. It will be a great help if anyone of you suggest the way to fix this issue.



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Have you made any modifications to the Sample file? If so, be sure to properly pass in any script parameters. 



The Sample file script:

Add File to DocuBin

Calls the following DocuBin developer script:

DocuBin - Add File ( Path ; File )

And requires the script parameter to be formatted as follows:

"<Path>" & $Path & "</Path>" &
"<File>" & $File & "</File>"



$Path is the location of the file in DocuBin
$File is the location of the file you want to upload to DocuBin

Also, by default, the Sample file will upload a file to /Projects/{Project Code}/, so if the Project Code is 1000, it will upload the file to /Projects/1000/. If the folder is not there, you should get an error that says the parent directory does not exist. 

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Thanks Michael for replying.


Actually I have not done any changes to the Sample file. I have just followed the "Getting Started" text which is available in the downloaded DocuBin folder.

I have also created the Projects/1000 folder in DocuBin. 


All other functionality in Sample file are working fine except Upload File To DocuBin. 

I am still facing the "Parameter missing (*)" error even though the script parameter is formatted as follows:


"<Path>" & $Path & "</Path>" & "<File>" & $File & "</File>"


Here I have attached the screenshot of the script step.


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