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Host Interruption

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Priyabrata    2



  Need some suggestions and help regarding the Filemaker 11 files hosted in the FM11 server being get disconnected or communications with the host gets interrupted.


  Though it is obvious that the cause is network gets disconnected or inconsistent internet connection lead to these type of issues.


  But are there any more possible reasons that also lead to host interruption issue followed by host being disconnected.


  Attached screen shot.



 Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 


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This is almost always a network issue and not directly related to FMS. Also note that the windows are closed on the client machine. The files are still "on" on the server.

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Wim Decorte    443



  But are there any more possible reasons that also lead to host interruption issue followed by host being disconnected.



Sure, faulty hardware on the server, client or on network switches and routers can cause this too.

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