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MirrorSyncing Container Fields

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I am failing to sync container fields with MirrorSync


FileMaker Server 12.6

Mac Ox 10.9.1

Mirror Sync2_0082


There is no error message when MirrorSync2 finishing the sync process with an iPad. "Sync Complete"


Using the FileMaker Tasks sample, images entered on iPad do not show on networked file after syncing, same when images entered in the networked file do not who on the iPad.


Container fields show: <Missing: photo001.jpg size450.300>

FileName shows: remote: File Name


I have tried several configurations of the container field settings.


I tried (as per documentation) save a "self contained copy": even in this file are no images but <Missing: photo001.jpg size450.300>


Does anybody has an idea what would work?





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Problem solved:


The problem was in the external data sources. Open that open (File -> Manage -> External Data Sources). Verify that the IP address and the filename point to the file on the server where the container data lives.
The source of the problem was changing the FMP file name.
Syncing containers works fine now. 

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Glad to hear it - that was going to be my first suggestion to check.

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      After upgrading to MirrorSync 3 from 2, I can no longer sync container fields.  During the reconfiguration process, I get the tooltip in the uploaded image below.  The tooltip says "Neither field is writable.  This could be because they are calculation or summary fields. It could also be caused by field-level validation or custom access privileges.".  These container fields are not calc or summary fields.  There is no field level validation or custom access privileges that I know if.  They are full access, and the fields have not changed since my last MirrorSync 2 configuration.  Please help!

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