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Container Field label Lookup

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Can anyone please advise on my following issue.

I have a FM12 file with Container Fields that contain small jpegs, I want to have a text field that shows the title of the image inserted BUT without the .jpg at the end?


To explain, If i drag an image named "picture1" and place it in a <<container_name>>

the result is <<picture1.jpg>> how do i prevent the .jpg displaying? I just want <<picture1>>


Many thanks

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Undoubtedly there's a more elegant way, but this would probably do it:


Substitute( Substitute ( container_name ; ".jpg" ; "" ) ; ".JPG" ; "")

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Thanks for the reply Matthew but i can't get that to work?

To display the name i am simply creating a text field <<containername e.g. A1>> resulting in <<picture123.jpg>>

I want it to be <<picture123>>


Thanks again

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OK.  I'm not sure that the '<<' and '>>' means in your question.  I'm assuming that your are not talking about merge fields which use those kinds of brackets to insert variables in a line of text on a layout.  Correct me if I'm wrong.


Substitute( Substitute ( container_name ; ".jpg" ; "" ) ; ".JPG" ; "")


The calculation above can be used in several different ways to get you the output you want.  One way would be to use it in the definition of a new calculated field that strips the '.jpg' off of the contents of container_name.  You could also use it in a script that strips the .'jpg' off of your text field and replaces it with the new value.  This script could be initiated by the user with  a button on your layout or, more automatically, by attaching it to a script trigger ('On Save') on the container_name field.   


The way you implement it will depend on how you would like your solution to behave.  Am I making sense?  


P.S.  When you specify the calculation to a script or to a field definition, I'd suggest using the built-in tools for picking field names and commands.  That way you won't forget to add in the table name for related fields  (e.g. Related Table::container_name).  Also you will make fewer syntax mistakes in the commands themselves (or inherit my mistakes). 

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HI Matthew, Thank You!!..

Your explanation worked perfectly 

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      // If the content of the container is an image shrink without distortion so max dimension is 1920
      // if it is not an image then return self. This would apply to audio, files and music
      // if image has a largest dimension that is less than 1920 then just use image do not attempt to enlarge image.
      If ( PatternCount  ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".jpg" )  or
          PatternCount  ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".png" )  or
          PatternCount  ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".bmp" ) or
          PatternCount  ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".gif" )    or
          PatternCount  ( GetContainerAttribute ( Media;"filename" ) ; ".tif" )
                  GetThumbnail (
                                          Self ;
                                          If ( GetWidth ( Self ) <  1920 ; GetWidth ( Self ) ; 1920 ) ;
                                          If ( GetHeight ( Self ) <  1920 ; GetHeight ( Self ) ; 1920 )
                                        ) ;
      Isolated Tests
      Created ContainerPhotoTest filemaker db with a single table and single field Media with
      GetThumbnail calculated result
      Move to iPhone 5s FMGo14 take photo
      ContainerPhotoTest  197 k with no photo
      ContainerPhotoTest  1.7MB with single photo
      Export Photo to desktop from Container
      Photo Size 467 KB
      But the database storage size has increased by 1.699 MB
      Add 8.6MB .jpg from the desktop in a second record
      ContainerPhotoTest  1.3 MB in size
      Drag photo to desktop from container
      Photo Size 623 KB
      ( 197 k + 467 k + 623 k ) = 1287 k 
      1,300 k - 1287 k = 13 k extra space used.
      What is happening here.
      So it looks like it works fine on OS X but perhaps not on iOS
      Try again with iPad Air 2 iOS
        • ContainerPhotoTest  1.3 MB in size
        • Take photo from FMGo14 Container
        • Take similar photo on iPad camera app
        • Photo Size 2.6 MB
        • ContainerPhotoTest 2.1MB in size
        • photo 800 k size increase
        • Photo size 467 k
        • Close and reopen FMGo14
        • ContainerPhotoTest 2.1MB in size
      So it seems that in iOS some space is recovered on the photo re-size but not all.
      Final Test on OS X
        • Create new record and.
        • ContainerPhotoTest 2.1MB in size
        • drop similar photo 2.2 MB into container from desktop
        • ContainerPhotoTest still 2.1MB in size, no increase in size...
        • Quit and re open database
        • ContainerPhotoTest still 2.1MB in size
        • drag new photo to desktop 467k
      ( 197 k + 467 k + 623 k + 467 k ) = 1754 k
      2,100 k - 1754 k =  345 k extra space used
      So it looks like something different is happening on OS X and FMGo
      I need to gather data including photos on FMGo and in practice as noted
      in the initial description of the production solution where no photos are added in OS X file size grows
      quite quickly.