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Java Error - FileMaker Server 12

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I recently started using Zulu - and as part of getting a project going, had to delete sync data and start again  (-:


Now, when I publish calendars, a Zulu_Calls gets created in in my ZuluCalendarList table.  That gets published - and I had two of these calendars in my Google list of calendars.  I deleted the records in my ZuluCalendarList and in Google.


Now, I get a Java error in Zulu when trying to Sync.  I'm considering starting again, but before I do - is there a better way to delete a Calendar in Zulu and in Google so I don't get errors like this?


Thanks - 





  • Thu Jan 30 15:17:06 CST 2014: Sync failed: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure while getting list of changes: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Every node grouping must contain at least two nodes
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