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FMS 13 Slow External Auth?

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I recently installed FMS13, after uninstalling FMSA12 from my test server, and since doing that, I've noticed that there's a significantly longer delay that happens when authenticating with AD accounts than there used to be.  This happens whether using FMP clients or with Webdirect.  I see this ~5-10 second delay about 40-60% of the time when I connect to one of my databases employing AD authentication.  The same databases didn't have this when using FMSA12 on the test server, nor do they have this delay on our production FMSA12 server.  I'd like to know if anyone else is seeing this, and if there's a way around this prior to going live in production with FMS13.





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I have heard no other reports about this.  A few things to check:


1.  Have you rebooted the database server after all of these changes?


2.  Is the database server still connected to the network exactly as it was before the change to Server 13?


3.  Are you noticing any other latency on the network when connecting to the Server 13 machine?


4.  Is the server clock showing the same time as the Active Directory domain controller's clock?



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