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Background color changes color in preview mode

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I don't even know where to begin.


I have a db...In every layout for every table—in spite of the fact that their parts all have a white fill—the background turns red in preview mode. I'm using 12, so if I change the theme, this doesn't happen, but if I change the theme back to classic, I get the red background again. I put white rectangles covering the layout parts and that helps; except at the part boundaries, you can still see red and there's nothing you can do about it.


Any ideas where to being troubleshooting? I found out that if I remove the white background fill, the default color is classic...So what that seems to mean, then, is that in preview mode, my white background is being stripped away. The clumsy solution was to select a new theme, turn everything white, remove the alternating body fill, and copy the layout objects onto this new layout. But I want this red background thing to make sense to me!


So thanks for any ideas at all.






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Hi Maker, and welcome to the Forum.


I  moved your from "Layouts" to "Custom Themes in FM12 because, we created this especially for the layout tools new with the release of v12.


Are you using the latest update of v12, if not update and let us know if that fixe the problem.




Update your Profile to reflect your current information as v12 etc. Here is a quick link for you. MY PROFILE.

Edited by Lee Smith
added p.s.

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Hi Maker


Just wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this, because i have exactly the same problem, (though in my case the colour is blue, not red) and I can't get to the bottom of it. 


Any help or advise would be great,




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Anybody find a fix for this problem? We have the exact same issue (FMP 12.0v5) with the background turning red in Preview mode in a database which suddenly started exhibiting the issue after months of trouble-free operation.




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