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Strange Convert Behavior

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MSPJ    1

Hi - 


I have a single file runtime solution, and working on an upgrade that requires conversion from pre-FMP12 format.  I'm using the Convert File script step.  I've run into something very strange.  My solution uses it's own file extension  .fhc.


So I've set up the Convert step with no dialog and with a specified source file - namely 'fhcm.fhc.  The first several times I tried this, the output file was named fhcm.fmp12 - as expected -- and the original file was left unchanged, since I specified no dialog.  (It does not get changed to a fp7 file extension.  


Somewhere along the way, the Convert File step started naming the output file FHCM #, where # is a digit, starting with 0 and incrementing if I do this multiple times.  It also changes the lowercase to upper case.


So instead of naming the converted file fhcm.fmp12 (which it had done at first), I now end up with a converted file named FHCM 0.fhc or FHCM 1.fhc, etc.


I can't for the life of me figure out what changed nor can I find any documentation of when or why it would do this.


Any thoughts?




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MSPJ    1

I think I've figured this out, and it appears to be a genuine bug - or else I missed the documentation.  It seems that runtime behaves differently when using the Convert File script step.  Documentation says converted file will get fmp12 extension, but when I run from runtime, with dialog turned off, it adds a space and digit to the filename but does NOT change extension.  Seem to be very consistent.  

Would be great if anyone else can test this.

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