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    So this really has almost everything in common with a standard invoicing system. Customers, products, orders, order line items, prices. And as with invoicing systems, it is sometimes common for orders to consist of a standard group of products.
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    Make a backup first: do a replace on your field: Substitute ( your::field ; "-" ; "_" ) will replace existing data. in the auto entry field you can use: Substitute ( self ; "-" ; "_" )
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    FM Cloud in combination with a 5-user FLT will cost around $120 per month (depending on the type of virtual machine you choose). That includes the hosting (unlimited # of files), FMS and 5 licenses for any mix of FMP, FMGo and WebDirect. $120 per month... if that is not affordable for a small business then I don't know what is. And it removes the immediate need for a thin client since you get everything as one package deal. I get your point about rationality etc. But I would be looking for a minimum of rationality; I don't want to be in a position to have to defend the bills for my work the same way. That's going to be more than $120 per month.
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