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    But I did not suggest extending the found set. On the contrary, I suggested constraining it. So if you find the songs that STA01 knows, then constrain it to only songs that STA05 knows, you will end up with a list of songs that both know. I am well aware of that. Still, the Find should be performed in the Songs table, because you want a list of songs, and you want it without duplicates. You can easily search related fields. Here's an example of script that finds songs that both STA01 and STA05 know: Go to Layout [ Songs ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ JoinTable::StaffID; "STA01" ] Perform Find [ ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ JoinTable::StaffID; "STA05" ] Constrain Found Set [ ]
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    No, not as a portal filter but I guess you could use like that. I would personally use the ExecuteSQL() to collect the IDs, set the IDs in a global text field as a multiline and use it to build the relationship.
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