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    One way to do it is with conditional formatting. Based on the results of a calculation, you can change the color of the text to match the layout background; or, you can change the size of the text to a very large number so that it's pushed outside the boundaries of the field or text box.
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    In all the given examples, you can populate AddressNumber as = LeftWords ( AddressOld ; 1 ) and AddressStreet as = RightWords ( AddressOld ; WordCount ( AddressOld ) - 1 )
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    So why don't you do just that? Go to Portal Row [ Last ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Previous ] Duplicate Record/Request Set Field [ Service::Service Date; Get ( CurrentDate ) ] This is assuming that: there are no other portals on the layout; the relationship is defined to allow creation of records in the Service table; the record you want to duplicate is shown in the last non-empty portal row. Note that if the Service Date field is defined to auto-enter the current date, you won't need the last step. --- Two unrelated notes: 1. As a general rule, you should avoid using copy/paste in your scripts, if only because it destroys the user's clipboard. 2. Your script reveals that you have numbered fields (Machine 1, Machine 2, Machine 3, etc.) fields in both tables. That's a symptom of poor structure. You should use multiple records in a related table.
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    Author’s note: I’d like to offer a big thank you to Christian Schmitz of Monkeybread Software, not only for creating and continually improving a fantastic plug-in, but also for promptly and patiently answering my many questions. A few weeks ago we looked at creating a table of contents for a PDF containing nine individual reports. […] View the full article
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    Another option is to place the objects inside a portal, and make sure that a related record exists or not, based on the selection. It's not quite clear what exactly your need is: do you want to show/hide the fields when printing, or during data entry, or ... ? Your mention of exporting is especially confusing, as that has nothing to do with what's shown on the layout. Anyway, script triggers play no role here - unless you are browsing records in Form view, and want the layout to change according to the loaded record's status. --- BTW, I would recommend you use 1/0 (or 1/empty) for Boolean fields, instead of YES/NO - see: http://fmforums.com/topic/47570-set-a-field-based-on-portal-content/#comment-222189
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    I think the Hide When... functions only became available in FM Pro 13 After that you get into different layouts for for showing/hiding (blecch!)
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    Another thing I am going to do is to make the field height so that, if there is more text than can show, only the top half of the text shows so Users know to scroll.
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