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  1. v 5.04 is available on the site....
  2. I think what is happenig here is that the plugin function is registering a different verison of the function (with a differnet internal ID) so it can not be tied up internally so FileMaker tells you it si missing. This will be a complete pain if you have to go through every line changing the function call, AND means that it is not backwards compatible with a mixed 15/16 environment There is a discrepancy with the way that some older versions of the demo file output the code we paste into our files, see a previous thread for details.. Not sure about that fyi Ron asw the other threads here show that 5.03 in not working..
  3. finally got 5.03 from the download page works on a Mac on Windows 2012R2 I get this and I am getting a 701 eror in the server log please may we have an update??
  4. Tried on both Mac and Windows 2012R2 server, but can't get the plugin to load on either. It thinks it is 5.0201. Can you please advise????
  5. What were the steps previously
  6. new (test) server install of FMS16 download ScriptMaster 5.03 install in server extension folder go to admin console Plugin is there, click box to load plugin. It waits for 10 seconds then crashes FMSE Clues??? edit: OK, download link for 5.03 has given me 360Works+ScriptMaster-5_0201 - is this the issue??? its not actually the latest version?
  7. OK, to clarify that was 5.02 on 16 THIS is 4.42 on 15 And. Sorry, I mis-spoke as they say the script couldn't see the functions this is 5.02 in 16
  8. Thanks for the prompt attention The 5.02 version on the site seems to work as I expected, will look at amending the script steps as required.. Are you sure?? here's my results
  9. Thanks Michael My version of the file that I have been developing in for quite are years with the plugin gives "return true; isGui=false" We need a way for 16 and pre 16 to exist in the same environment, and I am not sure I like the idea of adjusting all my scrip steps, as you know i am a heavy user of the plugin.. john
  10. in the older version the function would be RegisterGroovy( "SMisLoaded" ; "return true; isGui=false" ) now it is RegisterGroovy( "SMisLoaded" ; "return true"; "isGui=false" ) therefore ALL functions written with previous version fails ANY SUGGESTIONS??
  11. For the new version, going to test it like mad in the next few days.....
  12. That doesn't actually help the user find the answer to his question, it answers a different one, and there are reasons for wanting this one answered.
  13. There's some really helpful stuff halfway down this article... and about installing cert in the keystone...
  14. <<The paths used by the plugin are Operating System paths, not FileMaker paths.......>> and same is true for ScriptMaster functions.
  15. Right version of Java (32/ 64 bit)??