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  1. <<The paths used by the plugin are Operating System paths, not FileMaker paths.......>> and same is true for ScriptMaster functions.
  2. Right version of Java (32/ 64 bit)??
  3. Recently bought some DYMO M10 scales and wanted to grab the weight from them. Turns out this is not as easy as you think talking to USB, but after a lot of crashing out and frustration I managed to get a proof of concept working, so here to share... You will need hid4java and jna, best grabbing them from Maven // ReadDYMO // 17_02_28 JR // v1.0 // read weight from Dymo M10 scales //requires hid4java.jar and jna.jar import org.hid4java.* import org.hid4java.jna.* import java.nio.ByteBuffer // specifc to these scales Short VENDOR_ID = 0x0922 Short PRODUCT_ID = 0x8003 Short raw_weight = 0 DATA_MODE_OUNCES = 11 message = new byte[8] hidServices = HidManager.getHidServices() devices = hidServices.getAttachedHidDevices() dymo = hidServices.getHidDevice(VENDOR_ID, PRODUCT_ID, null) if (dymo){ val =, 1000) dymo.close() } //end if hidServices.shutdown() if (dymo){ byte[] data = [ message[5], message[4] ] wrapped = ByteBuffer.wrap(data) raw_weight = wrapped.getShort() if ( message[2] == DATA_MODE_OUNCES ) { scale = 10.power(message[3].toString().toShort()) weight = (raw_weight * scale) + ' oz' oz = true } else { weight = raw_weight + ' g' oz = false } //end if return weight } else { return '0' } //end if
  4. Care to share some details, this seems too much to guess... then those of us who have done it might be able to help...
  5. By that you are probably asking a different question which is easily answered. The only things in the example file which would be not valid are where a method used is deprecated in a later Java version. The bigger issues we face is where a jar library has been updated to include new methods but is complied under Java 1.7 or 1.8. And this affects Mac users
  6. Is this a change of behaviour in Server 15??????? if each PSOS was running anew session that knew nothing of the original server session that would make sense, except it only appears to affect Mail functions....
  7. The issue seems to be that for the mail functions, you need to explicitly re-load the jars files required AND the function, each time you use it. Given that the default behaviour is that once a jar or a function is loaded it is available to all script until reminded or the script engine is restarted, this is not 'expected' behaviour.
  8. I can confirm this issue is the same on a Mac, in this case running server 14...
  9. Will look when I in there later this week..... Given that the behaviour is both from the server and the client on the same machine, surely the JVM attached to the script master object uses the same JRE, which is why I don't get the difference in behaviour - same file, same jars and functions loaded, nothing added to the JRE permanently. john
  10. It's in the FMServer documents folder, BUT to be fair it happens if you turn a container field into a stream too, just didn't want to confuse the issue.. The issue is with the stream (FileInputStream or ContainerStream ) not being converted to the MAilMessage object correctly between the two JVMs john
  11. Been tearing my ears off most of the afternoon and there is an issue between 15 client and 15 server on Windows Simplest case load Java Mail 1.4.7 jar use the following function import javax.mail.* import javax.mail.internet.* fis = new FileInputStream(fm_fileIn) mimeMessage = new MimeMessage(null, fis) return mimeMessage.getContent().getContentType() and send it the path an EML mail file. Run from a client ON the server you get : >>multipart/alternative; boundary="B_3517403371_9455676" Run as PSOS from the same server with the same single jar loaded you get: >>No signature of method: javax.mail.util.SharedByteArrayInputStream.getContentType() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Something weird in the neighbourhood........
  12. Is it possible to get access to the fmpro object inside an inner class in code??? Example //at head of groovy code class myClass extends HelperClass { def xx = fmpro.evaluate('Get(PersistentID)') def ... def ... } Currently fails with groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: fmpro for class: myClass
  13. Feel free to post questions (or answers).. this is my area of some expertise..
  14. They have significantly changed the internal dependencies for version 7 I think this needs import com.itextpdf.layout.element.BlockElement too if you read their API docs you will find the dependencies. I am just getting my head round modifying all my 5.+ code for the v 7 libraries - and waiting for 306works to update the plunging as this only work on a PC due to the Java 6 dependancy on Mac