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  1. thanx for hint but not luck either with cutepdf or other 2 3rd party pdf writers :-( . I'm on pc, did you setup cutepdf somehow to get nice result? Should I zoom layout to 400% prior printing?
  2. Hi gang, I'm desperately looking for solution or workaround described in this thread with no luck :-( In short: if you print or export webviewer all the content looks jagged, compressed Any ideas more than welcome. Thank you. AD
  3. Sorry to open it again. I have this expirience. When I set-up all the mappings it works well until I'll close database. After reopening all mappings gets lost and I have to setup again. I've tried to "save it" in local file as well as on the remote file with same results. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you
  4. that's exacty what I've done see my first post. I was asking if there is better option, nothing more....
  5. I know it sounds weird to have same field twice in one layout. But in my case it is field in 2 portals where is different filter aplied so thats why I used it. Anyway I can live with one search field. AD
  6. Hi guys, do you know an easy solution when you have 2 or more same fields in layout and you want to search for something? In filemaker after any of multiple field is filled by user other fields changes accordinly but in IWP others stays blank what causes conflict. My temp solution is I disabled find ability but one field. Have you better idea how to deal with? Thank you AD.
  7. From our observation it matters if odbc user uses local or external server authentification. LDAP user connection(login) is MUCH faster than via local account. Can anyone confirm this behavior? Thank you AD
  8. Yes that's the trick! Only thing you need to take care is replace double quotes with single ones. Web viewer doesn't like them. Thank you
  9. Hi, I'm using web viewer to display some formatted text from field and I'm unable to find out how to get same formatting in iwp. In filemaker everything looks correct but in iwp there isn't any word wrapping. I was thinking I'll replace CR with <br> tag but I need functionality in filemaker and in iwp. I've tried safari, chrome, firefox, IE all behave same. Any idea? Thank you AD
  10. thanx man, you'r the best! It seams this issue is still in v12. Have nice day
  11. I've tried web viewer approach and it is working well in Filemaker app but unfortunately I cannot get web viewer work under IWP? Any ideas, is it possible to use it with IWP?
  12. thank you for cool tip. It's shame it doesnt allow editing but it's almost what I'm looking for.
  13. Hi everyone, Let me explain my situation. I have table PRODUCTS where I have simple edit box where I'm collecting feedbacks from client until client likes a product. Every feedback starts with header informations like date, feedback from, product name etc. I made a script which creates for me header+feedback text and joins it with older feedbacks and finaly put all this in editbox named feedback history. It is good for fast editing but not as good for record manipulation as it is in single record.Sometimes I need to find out all comments given at specific day and current concept doesn't allow it. Ideally I would love to have 1 table FEEDBACKS with all feedbacks given for all products and second table PRODUCTS with all product we are working on. Portal would be great but one feedback can be just "OK" and other very long sentence so my question is, is it possible to workaround fixed portal row height and have different portal row heights? I want to keep rows as smallest as possible make them all big is not desirable. Thank you Ales
  14. Hi, I would like to import records from cvs file, problem is I want to update matching records only but my record in cvs has another string appended to it which is unfortunately changing. Is it possible make calculation before record match? example: FM record is joseph and in cvs joseph_something I know I can edit cvs before I'll import to FM but this isn't what I want.
  15. Hmm that's something what I did not want to hear. Is it possible make Views as we know it from SQL in fm?