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  1. Please try this build of DocuBin: http://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.support.uploads/Outbound/DocuBin+1.0058.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIDQUCQL7APZLJCDA&Expires=1489251199&Signature=r%2FDUKh%2BvgfbKrvPi%2Fe8MQoW51s0%3D
  2. Jos, Try replacing the DocuBinUtility.fmp12 file with the one from this link: http://s3-external-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.support.uploads/Outbound/DocuBinUtility.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIDQUCQL7APZLJCDA&Expires=1488406195&Signature=cq9zr29qTpwnqrpe3SRrq5gEb7c%3D Michael
  3. Brent, The DocuBin companion plugin has been deprecated; you can remove it. Michael
  4. Hello Nico, We were able to get David squared away. Please feel free to call our office as well if you're having any trouble. Michael
  5. David, Feel free to give our office a call at (866) 662-9185, and I would be happy to help you get DocuBin working. Michael
  6. Hi Albert, Let me know if you still have an opening for Tuesday; I'd be happy to contribute! Michael
  7. Thank you for your patience. DocuBin v1.0057 should fix this issue. Please let us know if you are still having trouble or are interested in a demo.
  8. Thanks, we were able to reproduce the error, and should have a fix available soon.
  9. Can you please let me know a little more information:     What version of DocuBin are you using? Mac: FileMaker Pro » About DocuBin Win: Help » About DocuBin  What version of the DocuBin Companion Plugin are you using? Mac: FileMaker Pro » Preferences » Plug-Ins Win: Edit » Preferences » Plug-Ins
  10. You will need to stop/start the FMS Web Publishing engine.
  11. I was able to track the issue to one of the subscripts, and we'll have it fixed in the next official release. In the meantime, you can download a pre-release copy of DocuBin (FileMaker 12):   http://static.360works.com/docubin/FileMaker%2012.zip
  12. Have you made any modifications to the Sample file? If so, be sure to properly pass in any script parameters.      The Sample file script: Add File to DocuBin Calls the following DocuBin developer script: DocuBin - Add File ( Path ; File ) And requires the script parameter to be formatted as follows: "<Path>" & $Path & "</Path>" & "<File>" & $File & "</File>"   Where: $Path is the location of the file in DocuBin $File is the location of the file you want to upload to DocuBin Also, by default, the Sample file will upload a file to /Projects/{Project Code}/, so if the Project Code is 1000, it will upload the file to /Projects/1000/. If the folder is not there, you should get an error that says the parent directory does not exist. 
  13. Migrating DocuBin   If you're using FileMaker Server, close the three DocuBin files from the FileMaker Admin Console. You can now safely remove and upload them to your new FileMaker Server.    When you open DocuBin for the first time from the new server you will need to point it to the location of your new SuperContainer deployment. You will be prompted to do this if you stopped SuperContainer on the old server. If you left SuperContainer running on the old server you will need to go to File » DocuBin Settings » SuperContainer to change the address.   Migrating SuperContainer Files   Before you copy any files over, stop SuperContainer on the old server, then deploy and register SuperContainer on the new server. This allows SuperContainer to create its directory with the appropriate permissions on the new server. Then copy the Files directory (/Users/Shared/SuperContainer/Files/) from the old server to the new server.   Please not that you don't have to have SuperContainer and DocuBin (FileMaker Server) running on the same machine.
  14. Hey Ben,   Try the link below, and please let me know if you are successful.   http://static.360works.com/remove-plugins/   Michael
  15. DocuBin can be hosted on the same FileMaker server as your main FileMaker database. We recommend you take advantage of our developer scripts to integrate them together:   http://docs.360works.com/index.php/DocuBin_Developer