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  1. What browser are you using? And what version of FM Server is serving webd? https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-15-specifications.html This page states that only Chrome 48 minimum on Android 5.x and 6.x is supported. Your device also needs to meet minimum requirements for RAM, processor. Mike
  2. At a minimum I would try to run the deployment wizard again. After that, you can try to reinstall FM Server. What usually works is a "clean install" of FM Server. That means back up all settings and files, stop the server, uninstall it, delete the directory from Library and reinstall it all from scratch. I have especially found this if you have the Server.app installed, as it turns on its own web server, regardless if you have it on or not. If you do have that installed, make sure you turn off web services before reinstalling FMS.
  3. You can pass multiple parameters with the same name as long as you pass them as an array. So like... name[1]=Homer&name[2]=Bart Then you can loop through that array to get the values in your web script. In php you can use a foreach to loop through. In fact, I sometimes pass delimited data in this way to keep the payload size down and break it out in php as a multi-dimensional array. so r[1]=Homer,Simpson,Dad&r[2]=Bart,Simpson,Son becomes... foreach ($_REQUEST['r] as $key => $value) { $items = explode($delimiter, $value); $this_first = $items[0]; $this_last = $items[1]; $this_role = $items[2]; # do something with this data here... } Hope this helps, Mike
  4. The Base Elements plugin has a function to export field contents. You will need to install the plugin on the server, then you can use it when performing a script on the server.
  5. I think what Ted S was recommending was to create a shortcut to the URL, using a FMP URL scheme that would launch FileMaker and open your remote file from the server. This is like a bookmarked URL you would use to open a web page, and not an actual FileMaker file. That could then be put on a shared file server, since FM isn't actually opening it, and it just launches FM to open the correct file. Does that make sense? Mike
  6. This will work and is easy enough to script. If you need an SMTP server and you're using AWS anyway, you can configure the SES (Simple Email Service) and send through there. No worries about configuring and establishing your own SMTP server and it is very reasonably priced. If mail volume is low enough and you have a new AWS account, it will likely fall under their free tier. Mike
  7. Does the SMTP server matter here? I have seen some strip some headers out, like gmail will only send from addresses that it is configured to work with.
  8. Does the SMTP server matter here? I have seen some strip some headers out, like gmail will only send from addresses that it is configured to work with.
  9. I am not sure that SQL command is supported in FM. Are you saying the Sequel Pro uses it to insert into it's own database, or that it inserts it into your AWS RDS hosted db? Also, does the ODBC driver support that syntax? It might be a limitation there.
  10. You need to figure out how the NAS drive is shared with Macs, and can you depend on that share being mounted on and Macs? You might have more luck if the place you are uploading to also has some web server running to share those files as well, then you could use a web viewer to display the contents regardless if there is a share mounted in the file system, or even if you have the drive mapped for other Win clients. Macs do not reference external drives by mapping letters to them, and even if the share were named "Z" for macs, the path would still be different. That's not to say you can't figure out the path, but start by looking at how the drive is shared on Macs. Mike
  11. I'm guessing the WPE is not installed and running correctly. That could be because this is an unsupported version of Windows for this version of FMS. You could try to run the deployment wizard again or re-installing, but it may not work.
  12. Try using this url from the local machine: http://localhost/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-dbnames
  13. It looks like you have PHP installed, but the Web Publishing Engine might not be working. Have you tried to test that directly without going through PHP? At any rate, this is still an unsupported configuration and may not ever work, regardless if there are other 64 bit OS's that will. It has to support the system that it is running on, including all the pieces that go with it.
  14. Did you name each of your slide panels? Then you can just use the script step Go to object to specify the next panel to go to. Does that help?
  15. The best way I've found to trigger a script to run on the client is to send a CWP request back to the server with the Persistent ID of the WebDirect client. From there, you can do the old "perform script on client" trick by deleting a record in a virtual window on the WebD session to get a script trigger to fire. From there, you are off to the races and can run whatever script you want. Takes a bit of setup, but works great in WebDirect. Trick is to open a new window and get to a "session" record, then bring another window to the front so that window is something the user never sees, but will still trigger a script onRecordLoad if the record gets deleted. Hope this helps Mike