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  1. ok if i use solution with full priveleges with onlayout enter locked menu bar whats the script step to unlock locked hidden menu
  2. Idea sounds realistic but , does the script will unlock the locked menu back wonder ????
  3. what i meant was if a predefined script causes onlayoutenter to hide menubar and its lock on how to re show the menu bar , is there any shortcut in filemaker to get back menu bar without editing the script
  4. in an window open script i have hid the menu bar now if i want menu bar again to be visible what to do
  5. LOL i understood but why fm kept 2 ?
  6. YUP thanks for the idea success without script succeded thanks
  7. made all necessary things to run smoothly , but after running a script opening new window in card mode with show dialog step showing as master code above with an input field with a secret code but i want the code to be cleared please help me how to write a script to delete the master field aotumatically after showing show dialogue step please
  8. better go for winutomation console scripting i use it personnaly does saves us lot of time and prevents stupid keyloggers from capturing the data
  9. difference between 2 can someone explain me clearly set1 enable data encryption ( re encyrpt files) clear error log for proceesing any errors set2 remove database encyprtion i tried both in fm 16 advanced and saw how the file behaved when opened and tried in passwarekit for behavior and really wanna know whats the difference when both are blocked by passwarekit why there are 2 options and there uses please
  10. Made runtime with fm 16 advanced when running pdf output script getting following error - some one please guide me doesnt the runtime support pdf output
  11. contacted them hope they will sort out
  12. when try to send it i am getting this
  13. oops wats da solution everything seems fine but still same error
  14. always getting this please sum1 guide me i am depressed with this error plz
  15. understood i need to change the design strategy , wish i was ur / comments neighbour no one available in india