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  1. contacted them hope they will sort out
  2. when try to send it i am getting this
  3. oops wats da solution everything seems fine but still same error
  4. always getting this please sum1 guide me i am depressed with this error plz
  5. understood i need to change the design strategy , wish i was ur / comments neighbour no one available in india
  6. patient prescription record this pic 1 is related data from other table this pic 2 is from same table this pic 3 data from other table this pic 4 from same table now i am duplicating pic is below question is pic 1 & pic 4 data is getting copied when duplicated why not pic 2 and pic 3 is my question hope i am clear this tym if i made mistake in making relationship the data wont appear right , so i am not understanding why ?? duplicating copies data from same table without problem then why not pic 2 isnt copied as it is from same table ?? sir it has big sense in reality , i am duplicating because some drugs need to be continued some to be changed for being easier on me i thought of duplicating to make neccesary changes to new prescription
  7. understood the point sir this time i guess my problem is very big have to think a lot with my medical brain for logical answer
  8. missing fields data is from related table but fifth one pantocid copied why didnt 2nd 3rd and 4th copied fbg and ppbg are from same table
  9. above image shows my patient record regarding previous prescription ..... i made button with plus sign above assigning duplicate record request ...... problem is when i am clicking button nxt record is showing like below ... showing me incomplete data only few fileds data is visible why is this happening someone please help me thanks please
  10. in filemaker is it possible to save or export the record browsed to image formats like .jpg .jpeg or .png ....... if yes plz guide me tx
  11. mind blowing got what i want
  12. wow another idea will try tx la retta
  13. wow nice idea sir will change the file tx a lot sir will try and let u know wow i made it tx sir did as u said saving my hard works billion thanks sir
  14. made solution made scripts to export data and import automatically into customised folder but i dont want the export file to be in that folder i want it to be deleted through script is it possible if yes someone please guide me to script please