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  1. I don't know why I struggle with this. I'm doing a series of finds on a list layout, and after I've filtered everything else, I want to filter OUT Private tasks Not assigned to the current user. Something like this: But we ALL know that <> is not a valid "not equal to" symbol for FileMaker. What's the best way to go about this? Thanks
  2. Sorry for the late reply, Comment, but thank you... that worked!
  3. Yes, I am looking for a relationship, not a find. My apologies for the confusion. I can't use the first day of the week because the client can start their tracking on any day of the week they want AND they can even skip weeks of tracking on occasion. So I'm not actually looking for Sunday, I want the record (from the same table, via table occurrence) that is just before this record. For example, I would want it to return something like this: My current calculation is correct except for that RED one in the example above. Because the user skipped 15 days between logging. So I'm trying to figure out the WeekStart of the record before. Thanks for spending so much time trying to understand me... sometimes it's hard for me to convey my issues in writing.
  4. Sorry, I should explain further... Table: WeeklyLog WeekStart(Date Field) PrevWeekStart (Calculated Field, returns Date, Calculation = WeekStart-7) Then I have a table occurence PreviousWeekLog_TO that is setup like this: Then on one of my report layouts I do some calculations between the two tables to show changes from week to week in the data. This works perfectly when the two weeks are 7 days apart, which is 90-95% percent of the time. However, sometimes a client will start a new WeeklyLog 8-n days after the PreviousWeekLog->WeekStart. What I would like to do is make my calculated field "PrevWeekStart" be more dynamic. A Client will log for anywhere from 6-36 weeks of data, so I'd like to find the previous WeeklyLog record that the client had (in date order) rather than just assume it was 7 days prior. This scenario works: Record 1, WeekStart = 10/1/16 Record 2, WeekStart = 10/8/16 This scenario does not work: Record 1, WeekStart = 10/1/16 Record 2, WeekStart = 10/9/16
  5. I have a table that is a log of weekly records, and when I'm presenting the current record, I need to be able to pull data from the week before, so I'm currently using a calculated field with a reference to This Week Start Date - 7. But every now and then, the weeks are not a week apart. So what's the best way to find the Previous Week Start Date when it isn't an exact 7 day match? Thanks!
  6. It seems to be. I only have one device to test with on Saf 9. Many of my customers have already updated to 10, already.
  7. "The spinning wheel of death" as my users are starting to call it, is back. Any other ideas out there? It consistently happens with Safari. Chrome is a little better.
  8. Confirmed. Downloaded one of the DBs to my local PC and the code works there. Doesn't work on hosted.
  9. Thanks, comment. When I started investigating this, I thought I was doing something wrong 'cause I saw it in some new code. But now that I see it affecting old code, too, I'm putting 2 and 2 together. I'll reach out to my vendor and see if they can update and restart the server.
  10. This is starting to look like a FMS bug to me. I have similar code in another database on the same server, and it too is not finding records where a calculated result (number) is > 0. That exact same code is running on one of my databases that's on an older FMS server (version 13) and it is working fine there. I thought I was going crazy... this should be working and I'm pretty sure that it WAS working for a long time, but now I'm seeing it on multiple database in different scenarios, but all one one server that is hosted. Server Version
  11. The result type is Number. I had a problem with a calculated field returning nulls for a report one time, so I threw the "0+" in my calculated fields since then and have kind of kept the habit. Especially for fields I plan on using as a booleans.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Steve, but that returns records that are 0 as well. I only want records that are greater than 0.
  13. I feel like I am about to ask the most rookie question ever... but here goes anyway... I'm performing a find on a calculated field that is supposed to be a non-zero number (it is actually a count). I basically want to find all records where "Needs Review" is true (non zero). Here's the calculated field definition: When I perform find on "Needs Review" ">0", I always get no records found, even though there are some there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Ryan
  14. UPDATE: I removed the background from my app and went with a plain vanilla BG and it seems to behave much better!