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  1. Last update....setting up a Filemaker Server is way easier then dealing with Filemaker Cloud! I am pleased to report that I just canceled my AWS Account. I had a server up and running in under 10 minutes. My advice... do not do Filemaker Cloud until they get their act together. Sorry, John May at Point in Space... I had the computer and I own Filemaker Server... just easier and no monthly Fees.
  2. Current update...... So, the first simple domain I bought with Network Solutions will not point to the FM Cloud Server. After all my back and fourth with FM Support... I bought a new domain from a registrar of their choice, iPage. I gave them the credentials to point it themselves. They logged in and made the settings. New domain is not pointing to my server...I have to laugh at this point. It might by morning, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I discussed this with my IT guru who happens to be away for two weeks magically while my SSL Cloud Certificate expired. Coincidence? Anyway, he feels its rather ridiculous to buy a website to "point" to the cloud server, and secure the site that the files are not even on. This is extremely convoluted he says. For the nonbelievers, I am working directly with FM Support to re-secure my FM Cloud Files. I have spent 10+ hours this week on the phone with them. I thought I would also share their published recomandation. I have followed these steps forward and backwards.... something is up! I love Filemaker, we all do here... but the cloud is not thought out on their part. Filemaker is a huge company, why don't they just put in their own servers, secure it all and cut this third party non-sense out with Amazon and Comodo? Updates coming tomorrow! Mike
  3. The code I posted earlier did work. I was able to get the certificate and install into my Filemaker Cloud and it rebooted, etc. There was a minor glitch, the password I put into Terminal for the CSR and Key was not the password when I installed it. (We might be talking about different issues) It turns out, there was no password at all and that field was left blank for it to work. My actual problem is getting my website that is now secured to point to my FMI server...I am possible having a problem now with my Registrar and the CNAME Panel pointing it correctly, If I make a change in a setting it is like a 24-48 wait time... very frustrating. FIlemaker says it my Registrar. Right now I am in Limbo and my registrar, Network Solutions, is also looking into the matter. I am trying t be patient, but the whole process does not feel right. I am securing a website where my files are not located, but Filemaker assures me this is the process.
  4. Still tempting... need a few days before I make a drastic move like that, but thanks!
  5. Interesting... I think part of this though depends on how you generate your CSR and KEY file. I did mine through TERMINAL on my Mac. File maker support had me generate it by entering the following text in Terminal... openssl req -out csr.csr -new -sha256 -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout key.key Upon entering this code, Terminal generates a series of Questions, like the ones above you posted. When I was finished, Terminal then generated a .key and .csr file which is used at the Comodo to purchase your SSL Certificate. At this time, Filemaker is spinning this back to issues at network solutions, which may be the case. It may not be... told to wait another day by Network Solutions, by the are escalating my issue. This all said, I intend to to keep this thread updated and probably create a brand new thread with "How to do this as per Filemaker" - I am aware Claus had a great solution, which I thoroughly inspected. Half of me wishes I went down that path,, securing the actual FMI server makes most sense since that is where the files reside, but I need Filemaker Support behind the product, his method was unsupported. - I am also entertaining Point in Space... probably eliminate every headache imaginable. - I am also entertaining just making my own server internally. Kind of a Headache, but I own FM Server 15 One thing is extremely clear. Filemaker Cloud is not as simple or friendly. It is very new and they appear to be "winging it" as they go. Amazon Web Server is just a pain in the rear. I got that part up fairly easily, but would be difficult for most users.
  6. I am not this savvy with web stuff... I am going to run this by FM Support today and I will let you know how this works out. And thanks for input!
  7. Hey... you might be on to something. Specifically, these are screen shots of what FM Support had me do. Should I be using a sub domain? I am not using any subdomains.
  8. Yes, I created it using Terminal on my Mac. Filemaker had me input the following: openssl req -out csr.csr -new -sha256 -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout key.key Anyone following this should also follow my new post before going down this path just yet. I am in the heart of this switch now and will keep you updated. Follow:
  9. Hi... I have been using Filemaker Cloud for three months and like others, my certificate expired. This has become my worst nightmare. I took my problem up directly with Filemaker Support and they put their best people on my case. They even remote logged into my computer to make sure that I was doing everything exact..which I did. This is what they instructed me to do.... 1) Buy A domain Name (I had one already) 2) We created a CSR/KEY File on my mac using terminal. Pretty Straight Forward, but they had me list my domain name as the "Common Name" 3) From my iCloud Dashboard I renewed my Certificate (Commodo) with the CSR we Created. I inserted my CSR and Paid for it. I received my actual certificate pretty rapidly...a few minutes. 4) Logged back into my console and "imported" my new certificate. Things were feeling good.... server rebooted. 5) They had me log into my registrar (Network Solutions) and then point my domain using CNAME at the new server location. We actually called Network Solutions and had them do it exactly. Now I am just waiting for it to point... been a few days. Something feels way off. How is it possible that I am securing my domain when my files aren't there? If I hit the filemaker cloud server directly, it says this is unsecure. I feel like the forwarding is not working because I am forwarding into an unsecure website. Note: this is all under the direct guidance of filemaker support! I read a few other posts around the internet and here. Anyone else having the struggles I am having? I am losing my cool with Filemaker. Due to the seriousness of the nature, I make drop Amazon Web Services and buy a server and just do it myself, I am at a critical level, these needs to be done now! Thanks for letting me vent... feedback welcome! Mike
  10. There may have been a few misunderstandings, not to worry, everything worked perfectly with the calculation you helped me with. My terminology may not be great. Unfortunately, I do not code Filemaker every day, so I come here for quick codes and calculations. There are times I work in it for 3-4 months straight, then not at all for 2 years, so I forget everything I knew. : / Since my invoices had an invoice date and the tax rate changes for the year, your formula was perfection and exactly what the doctor ordered! Thanks again. I should be good through 2018! LOL
  11. AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU!! I figured out the "division" issue you mentioned.... but your solution is the simplest!! THANKS A MILLION! Yes, it is a one minute fix.
  12. This works temporarily... Case ( INVOICE DATE > Date(12;31;2016); .06875; .07) But not sure how to sequence in 2018 at .0625, but I do not need this for a year anyway.
  13. Hey... I need help with a date function. The NJ Tax rate has changed and I never planned for it 12 years ago, simply because it never changed. My easiest solution is to work off the invoice date. Prior to 2017, tax rate is .07. In 2017, it will be .06875 and we know that 2018 will be .0625. In hind site, over 10 years ago, I would have field set the tax rate into each invoice, but working with what I have, the best solution is to work off the "Invoice Date." I can sort of see the code.... Case ( Invoice Date > 1/1/17, .07, Invoice Date > 1/1/18, .06875, Invoice Date > 1/1/198, .0625) Something like that. All help appreciated and this is needed today. Thanks! Mike
  14. AWESOME!! Exactly what I needed to get my brain out of the gutter for direction and design. Please consider this post answered in full. And thanks to all who replied!!
  15. I like the feedback so far.... I am a little lost though. I am not booking a hotel rooms, this is actually very simple stuff. The odds there would be two events on the same day is remote, like 1 in a million. I still want the warning though. Anyway, after some thought, I really just need a simple solution to get a warning if there are two events on the same day. I am not sure about how to compare information between records. What function or formula or calculation that would that be?