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  1. We just upgrade to filemaker 16 thinking we will have better performance on our barcode inventory database..... at the time we scan barcodes in a fast way, fm16 leaves some readings incomplete... for example when scanning 10 same items with product number 802312 in a fast way , we got the first 3 records with 802312 and the next 7 records with 2312 ... filemaker 16 miss the first 2 characters... we had to downgrade to fm 15 .... i would like to know what could be the problem? I have a exit trigger script after each reading, the script contains a refresh portal and a commit, it works fine with filemaker 15
  2. Slow container uploading

    Hello we use filemaker server 15 and some macs takes long to upload an image in the container field, it takes about a minute to insert 100kb image.... when using filemaker server 14 it does not happend.... what could be the problem?
  3. i can't print direct from filemaker

    Thank you !! It solves the problem
  4. i can't print direct from filemaker

    Hello Lee Smith thanks for your reply yes i test the script : in the line 10 it ask to choose printer then when i choose it i press print and instead of print it shows me a PDF mac preview.
  5. i can't print direct from filemaker

    Hello , im having problem with filemaker when i try to print an invoice ... i usually press print button and then filemaker ask for printer and then prints, but now when i press "print" filemaker ask for printer and then it shows me the invoice in pdf.. it does not print .. i have to type command P to print that pdf. here i attached my script steps my script use to works fine but now i don't know whats happening.
  6. i have an invoice solution with a summary field that summarize the price of all the line items, now i want to make a layout that shows only the invoices that are more than 500 dollars total. i have been trying but summary field in find mode is not modificable. please let me know any solution thank you Mauricio
  7. take just the last 2 characters

    Thank you ! it works
  8. hello, i would like to know how to take just the last 2 characters of a field example: if the field is "342399" i would like the field "99" or field is 3467564354677 i would like the field "77" i know how to delete characters but i dont know how to leave the last 2 characters. please let me know thank you
  9. i would like to ask if i will have performace issues in my inventory-invoice database for using unstored calculations ? i choose unstored calculation to see real time inventory. my database is products - invoices hosted in filemaker server, i have about 8 unstored calculations in each record im planning to use 200 products per semester and about 150 customers ... right now im not having troubles about performance but im worried in the future , i had read that having unstored calculations with many records it slows down your database. what i have to do to prevent that ? better hardware for server? or changing structure of database? please let me know your opinions thank you !
  10. thank you very much!!
  11. im sorry for my bad english price level is the category for each customer I mean, i have many customers and they are in different categories . example : “ retailres “ , “wholesale” , ” consumer” etc. 10 categories in total and each category has different prices for the products . example : red shirt for wholesale cost 10 usd red shirt for retailers cost 15 usd red shirt for consumer cost 25 usd etc so i will need 10 fields on products table to store all the prices for each category . so the calculation i have is like this . Case( customer_category = “wholesale“; products::wholesales_price ) + Case( customer_category = “retailer”; products::retailer_price ) so my question is ,,, is better to setup the prices this way or is better to create a portal in products and then check the price with a lookup? im looking for performance
  12. hello , i have different customers with different prices for each product, about 10 price levels for each product , no more than that. but sometimes not all products applies for 10 different prices , so if i use calculation i would need 10 fields on products table and the invoice table price i have to set up calculation to check the price level and then set the right price. the other option is to have on my products table one portal that stores the price levels for each product and then on the invoice price set the field as lookup . now my question is , which method is more faster , stable , easy to maintain? please let me know your thoughts or how do you deal with different price levels? thank you very much
  13. i can't copy portal to portal. HELP

    im trying to copy portal to portal with a loop but only the first record is copying . my situation is when i type the item on orders, it shows the colors the item is available inside a portal ... so i need to copy those color that shows in portal to the orders line items .. please let me know what im doing wrong ( attached file) the loop im doing is this : Go to Object [ Object Name: "colors" ] ( this goes to colors portal) Go to Field [ items_line::color ] Go to Portal Row [ First ] Loop Set Field [ order_line::color; items_line::color ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Next; Exit after last ] End Loop copyportaltest.fmp12
  14. is the client machine hardware important for performance? or is just the server? or both ? i have been having some troubles in some client machines that crash when sorting records, but i really don't know if the problem comes from the server or client please let me know thank you
  15. Hello , i have a invoice solution and i want to prevent duplicate the items products on the same invoice portal. for example if i have a product called " 2525 " and then im trying to add the same "2525" shows me a custom dialog to stop . i use global fields with a button script to add items to the portal . please let me know how to resolve this, I've been trying many ways with no luck thank you

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