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  1. After reinstall of MyrrorSync 3.17 when i try to register my license key I get this error message: "You have been offline for more than 3 days, please connect to the internet to register with 360works license server"
  2. Solved. The key tool file was in the java/bin folder not in the java/lib folder.
  3. The OS is Windows server 2012 r2
  4. I have created a self signed certificate for FMS and I get an error that web publishing is not activated. I've tried to follow the procedure described in your site for self signed certificates but I get an error in command prompt that the keytool command is not recognized.
  5. If it may help I have found that when data sync from server to client everything goes as expected.
  6. I have a problem with synchronization of numeric fields, if the value is an integer number it syncs properly but if the number is a decimal it becomes a zero. I think the problem is that i use the comma as decimal separator ( i live in Italy ) but i can't find a way to solve the problem other than converting the fields to text fields. The system setup for numeric values is correct both on client and server. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk