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  1. REST APIs are a universal standard for interacting with other programs and services, so by learning REST you can greatly expand the capabilities of what FileMaker can do, and the services it can interact with. If you've ever wanted to integrate FileMaker with Google Maps, Google Calendar, Microsoft SharePoint, or many other great services, you'll want to learn what RESTful APIs are and how to use them. Includes video and sample download file. Integrating FileMaker with RESTful APIs David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  2. Do you have documents that need to be shared on multiple platforms? Learn how to integrate FileMaker with SharePoint via Microsoft Graph API. Includes a free sample file and demo! Integrating FileMaker and SharePoint Using Microsoft Graph David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  3. Are you interested in using barcodes in your FileMaker application? Learn more as we look at which barcoding options you can use and the various ways to implement barcodes. Free demo file included! FileMaker Barcode Techniques David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  4. Have you heard of the new addition to the FileMaker family, FileMaker Cloud? Learn more in our overview which also includes a demo of the setup! There are a lot of reasons that FileMaker Cloud would be a great fit for you and your organization, between minimal impact of IT staff and/or technical staff for doing updates and deployment, to the benefits of AWS responsible for security and scalability, FileMaker Cloud is a huge benefit and addition to the FileMaker Family. FileMaker Cloud Overview David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  5. Do you need a simple, convenient way to process a wide variety of payments with your business app? Learn how to integrate Stripe with FileMaker. Includes a free demo file! FileMaker and Stripe Integration David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  6. With the power of Zapier, different applications can be integrated into your FileMaker solution and overall business with ease. Learn how to integrate Salesforce with FileMaker. Free download included with video example. Integrating FileMaker and Salesforce using Zapier David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  7. Keep your users informed with the use of simple notifications. Using FileMaker and a service called Pushover we can easily leverage cross platform notifications with advanced features like message priority, which allows you to repeat a notification until the user acknowledges it. Free demo included! FileMaker Cross Platform Notifications David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  8. Want to improve your CRM? FileMaker email integration allows you to view and archive emails directly in FileMaker! Learn more and check out the free sample file! Archiving Email in FileMaker David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  9. If you are looking to build a new application but don't want to start from the ground up, there is a Starter Solution for you! We review the Starter Solutions available in FileMaker 15 and what is best to begin with. FileMaker 15 Starter Solutions David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  10. The Portal In-Line Progress Bar, one of FileMaker 15’s new performance-based features, brings with it the separation of a layout’s non-portal and portal rendering tasks. This means users are no longer forced to wait for cumbersome portals to load before being able to interact with a window’s content. FileMaker Portal In-Line Progress Bar David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  11. FileMaker has made it easier than ever to share data with other apps with the introduction of app extensions with FileMaker Go. Check out the article to learn more and watch the video. FileMaker App Extensions David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  12. Frequent FileMaker Go user? Learn more about FileMaker Go Touch ID and 3D Touch adding more security and convenience to your FileMaker experience. Video included! FileMaker Go Touch ID & 3D Touch David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  13. FileMaker Server Top Call Statistics Log gives the ability to track the heaviest client usage periods, pinpointing the client requests that take the longest, allowing to quickly and efficiently investigate. Learn more and watch the video here! FileMaker Server Top Call Logging David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  14. With the focus on protecting data these days it's nice to see FileMaker improvement of security. Learn more here, video included! FileMaker 15 Security Enhancements David Happersberger www.dbservices.com
  15. The FileMaker platform is a constantly evolving and improving ecosystem. The latest version of FileMaker has overhauled the user interface in a number of ways. The FileMaker application UI is extremely important because it is the backdrop of every FileMaker app. Video included! FileMaker 15 User Interface David Happersberger https://www.dbservices.com/