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  1. I am talking about on screen Browse Mode.
  2. Hello I am having table in which I am sorting with a particular field. I am getting following type of view after sorting: Group 1 ---------- Item 1 Item 2 --------- Group 2 -------- Item 1 ------- Group 3 etc. When only 1 record is found after sorting records, I don't want to show that record on sub summary part. Is there any way so that I can hide sub summary part ( or may be body part ) when I am getting only one record? More detail can be found in the attachment. Please let me know for any issues. Requirement.pdf
  3. Thanks!! It solved my issue.
  4. Hello all, Â I am having two tables, Customers and Orders. Â My layout has :Â -List view of Customers -Leading grand summary part in which I want to show summary of total orders. Â When I show all records, I get correct figure of total orders of all customers. But when I filter records, the summary field present in leading grant summary of total orders does not change. Â Is there any way so that I can view filtered data in summary filed that is located in other table? for more info, attached screenshot. Â Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Â
  5. Hello all. I want a script or custom function to calculate: whether a specific day is xth day of month? For e.g. If date field is 2nd (xth) Monday (any day) of month - Result should be true otherwise it should result into false. If there would be any custom function, it will be great!! Thanks.
  6. 1). Give name to portal (say Portal1) 2). Set variable $$row - Get(ActivePortalRowNumber) 3). Set variable $$object - Portal1 3). Go to related record (Any layout) When returning to original layout: 1). Go to object : $$object 2). Go to portal row : $$row Try it.. It worked for me...!!