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  1. @Lee Smith-duly noted @Josh Ormond-Thanks...It is sinking in Thanks again Steve
  2. Hey Josh, thanks for your thoughts. I'm not quite following you. This DB is only for my use so just one resolution to consider. If I shrink the db window and close the database, then, if I use the script pictured to open the file, it works fine. If I take the same script, remove line 3, and put the size along with the top and left parameters into just one script step, it won't work. It only works by setting the size in one script step, then setting top and left in the next. I just wanted to know if the script shown is correct and/or how to correct it. Thanks Steve p.s I attached the same file with all the resizing in one script step Sample.fmp12
  3. Hi Forum. I'm trying to do the standard center the window on a desktop when the DB first opens. The problem I am having is if I shrink the db window down to a small size, then close the db, when I reopen the window won't center unless I run the script twice, or change the script to have 2 Move/Resize script steps-the first to make the window the size I want, and the second to center. I feel like I'm probably doing something simply wrong. I attached the script that works. I also attached the file=Admin, no P/W. The file is set with OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger where the resize and move are all in one step. To replicate the behavior, open the db, manually resize the db to a small window, close then reopen. Any thoughts or advice is always appreciated. Thanks Steve Sample.fmp12
  4. Thanks both for the replies...Yeah makes sense when much bigger brains than mine are thinking about it. Thanks again. Steve
  5. Hello forum. I'm in the process of rebuilding a FM12 db into a FM16 db. I have many places where I used conditional formatting to hide an object. Some layouts (mostly reports) there are many objects formatted this way. I plan to change them to take advantage of 'Hide object when'. Does anyone know which one renders faster? Or is it a matter of 'it all depends'? Thanks Steve
  6. I still contend this is more 'correct' --MusicalAmericaPRESUBmod3SM.fmp12
  7. If you look at that layout, there are no foreign keys populated. Your T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary is a join table. So T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary is another occurrence of Music Library. They should be joined 'many' (T03a_JMC_join_jmc|musiclibrary) to 'one' (T03aJT_JMC_musiclibrary)-the opposite way you have it. Is this right? Edit: Modifications to GTRR button, relationship and value list Note: It's still not 'right' but are we on the right path? --MusicalAmericaPRESUBmod2SM.fmp12
  8. Here's the file...just changed the relationship --MusicalAmericaPRESUBmodSM.fmp12
  9. Yes, thanks Lee.
  10. Hi forum. Was playing around with FM16. The one feature I wish it did contain was when you go into browse layout mode, the menu bar, formatting bar and status toolbar all appear. Then disappear when back to browse mode. So I came up with this developer type script that I attached to the OnModeEnter and OnModeExit layout triggers to use on a layout under development, so you're not constantly showing/hiding all the 'bars'. I was wondering if there is an easier way. Thanks Steve Edit: Forgot to include "Freeze Window" as first script step script.pdf
  11. I don't quite understand your question. Are you saying when you do the import, the USE field is not on the spreadsheet and not imported and you want to add it? Or is the USE field is on the Excel spreadsheet and not getting imported?
  12. If you were doing it manually you would: Enter Find Mode Type in the proper field "Christmas" From the Requests Menu>Add New Request, or the toolbar New Request Type in "Broadway" From the Requests Menu>Add New Request, or the toolbar New Request Type in "Festival" Perform Find If you were scripting it, you may want to open up a small window and put buttons on the layout to add a new request and perform find (and cancel), that would gather the data and do the same as above.
  13. Don't forget to work off of a backup copy (or two) until you get it all sorted out and working properly.
  14. One way would be to put all the contacts on a modal/picker window. Your script would grab the primary key of the event, open the picker window and pause. On the picker window, you would check off the contacts you wish to add (via a checkbox next to each name). A button (Add contacts) would resume the script which could either loop thru the records and add the event primary key to the join table's foreign key, or use Replace field content. Close picker window.
  15. Can you show the report layout in layout mode? Can you show the script the button calls? Are you sorting the report by the sub-summary part?