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  1. Changed his name?
  2. This is as easy as breathing for you, isn't it? The native way with a limit works perfectly. Thanks (again and again) comment, I really appreciate it. Steve
  3. Hello forum. I'm trying to come up with a calculation to do the following. I know my date calc is wrong, but date calcs are just not my strong suit. It works everywhere except when crossing thru February. It's based on 3 fields with the calculation in the due date field: terms (30,60,90,120 days based on a value list),invoice date, and due date I'm trying to do 1, 2, 3, 4 months, minus a day. So technically, I think I'm doing it right, just not getting the desired result. Results: Invoice date terms due date 11/30/2016 90 days 02/29/17 <<doesn't work, gives 3/1/17 11/30/2016 60 days 01/29/17 <<works 11/30/2016 30 days 12/29/2016 <<works 11/30/2016 120 days 03/29/2017 <<works. Here's the calc: Date(Month(PAYMENTS::date_invoice)+(PAYMENTS::terms/30);Day(PAYMENTS::date_invoice)-1;Year(PAYMENTS::date_invoice)) Sample attached in FM12 Any help or pointers are always greatly appreciated Thanks Steve PAYMENTS.fmp12
  4. You're leaving out a lot of detail. For starters, on the data tab, check 'Auto-complete using value list'. Or make it a pop up menu. If it has to be a drop down, you could add a script trigger to prevent typing that will just re-pop the list: If [Get(TriggerKeystroke)>0] Go to Previous Field Go to Next Field Exit Script [Result: False] End If Keep in mind you don't get to take advantage of typing your way thru the list to get a result.
  5. There are a number of things you can do. What I have in my DB is all the info is in merge fields, can't modify. I use a button (Edit) which takes me to the same layout with all fields I would want to edit. Then on that layout a button for save (commit the record) or revert (don't make any changes), then return to the original layout. A simple solution would be to use a button, with a script attached, to add a new item. This button would open a new, small modal window, where you could type in the new song title into a global field. Another button (save) would perform the script that would do the following. Grab that value into a variable. Clear the global field Close the modal window -Now your back on your original layout- New Record Set Field ( I assume the Title field), with the variable. Commit records You could even improve it so after the modal window opens, the script pauses. Then your 'save' button just continues the script, and a 'cancel' button would just clear the field you entered the title, and close the window.
  6. I think what you are looking for is a conditional value list. If so, there are many examples and sample files available by search.
  7. I'm completely confused. A first question might be, what does (or what do you want) your database to do? A better description of workflow and data may get some responses. Are all of these TO's with the word 'planning' in them all from the same base table? It's probably likely you will have to change some structure. It's important to make it correct now, or possibly suffer dire consequences down the road. What would be the reason?
  8. Yeah happens to me with FMP Adv 12 when I'm in layout mode and open the data viewer. It also happens anytime I tried to change something in the toolbar by dragging. Both of those scenarios only happen when I'm using a file I created. It never happens if I'm using a file I downloaded from one of the forums. I reported those years ago and never received a response except "Try deleting and re-installing FileMaker". Which didn't help.
  9. Case (6 Total Premium <2502; Financed Monthly Amount * 1.06032941; 6 Total Premium <5001; Financed Monthly Amount * <different amount>; --as many scenarios as you need or default amount-- )
  10. You could put a button over the entire body part, one row high, and conditionally format it to mask the one row in the body part. You will still have a white space, but you won't see the data. Here's a screen shot with 2 sub-summary parts, expanding/collapsing. Due to the function of the expanding collapsing list view, when it's collapsed it always leaves one record, so I covered it.
  12. Is this on the right track? CheckInOut.fmp12
  13. Exactly how are you duplicating them? I can only assume when you create the records you are doing them thru the portal and the relationship is setting the proper key fields, and when you duplicate them, one of the key fields is not being set. Maybe you can diagnose this by putting all key fields either in the portal or on the proper layout. Then when you duplicate, see if those fields are properly populated.
  14. Thanks (again) Comment, works perfectly
  15. Hi forum, I know I saw this before, but I can't really figure out how to properly search for it. What I have is a report. In the header are 6 categories in a checkbox set, based on the Value list 'Categories', and it's a global field (gSearch). When checking boxes, the OnObjectModify script trigger takes the value(s) searches and sorts the sub-summary part. The sort on Category is based on the value list (not alphabetically). So it the sort is in the order of the checkboxes you see in the screen shot. All of this works fine. What I was trying to accomplish was to put a merge field (gSearchParameters) in the header that states what boxes were checked (to be used when printed). I did this with a global field, auto enter calculation: Substitute(List(gSearch); "¶"; " | ") This also works, but as you can see, and as expected, it puts them in the order they were checked, not the order of the checkboxes. So, the obvious question is can I put the merge field in the order the checkboxes are shown, not as each box was selected? Any help is always appreciated. Thanks Steve.