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  1. Hi BrentHedden, I have not seen this reported before. Does it only happen with externally stored container fields? Are you sending to the same domain? Have you seen it happen across different domains? Does it happen with different mail clients? Different OS?
  2. HI RJS-IT, The error you are getting means that Java cannot complete the SSL handshake because the mail server you are trying to connect to either has a self-signed certificate or the certificate it has is not part of the Java trust store. Try adding the "forceTrust=true" parameter to the EmailConnectSMTP function call. This should force Java to trust the SMTP server's certificate and complete the SSL handshake.
  3. Chris, If you did not install Java 6 then it is definitely an issue, if not the entire issue. If you were having registration problems then you would be getting demo mode expired errors but it looks like the plugin has not initialized yet. Please let me know if you need anything else!
  4. Hi martincl, You can get the actual attachments into a container field. However, the example file is not currently set up to do this. In order to do this, you need to set "attachments=true" in the EmailReadMessages function call. This will tell the email plugin to download the attachments. When iterating through the emails, you will call EmailGetMessageValue("attachments"). This returns a return-separated list of paths to the attachments. You will then need to loop through that list and call Set Field(table:myfield;EmailReadAttachment(path)) to put the attachment into a container field.
  5. All of Agnes Riley's advice is solid. To elaborate on their first point, it looks like your FMS is running on a Mac and thus you must have Java 6 installed in order for the plugin to operate. Was the Java you installed Java 6? If not you can download it here. If you have Java 6, I have seen the Admin console not reflect information accurately. Restart the FMSE and the Admin Server using the fmsadmin utility. Once you have done that, log back into the Admin console and check if the plugin is enabled. Also make sure you are using the most current version of the plugin(2.17) . If you have done all of this and are still having issues, send an email to support@360works.com and reference this thread and we will get the issue sorted out.
  6. Hi Steven, In order for inline attachments to work with the Email plugin, you need to use contentIDs in your html <img src> tags and then reference them in the function EmailAttachfileInline. For example: EmailSetBody( "<html><body><img src=\"cid:headergif123\">" & " This is an HTML message with embedded images " & "<img src=\"cid:footergif456\">" & "</body></html>"; "html" ) and EmailAttachFileInline( Globals::headerContainer ; "headergif123" ) EmailAttachFileInline( Globals::footerContainer ; "footergif456" ) In this example the contentIDs (cid) are headergif123 and footergif456. These names are arbitrary. The first parameter in the EmailAttachFileInline function call can either be a field reference or a URL to the file. Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. For anyone else running into a similar issue: When installing our plugins on Windows, make sure that the plugin you are using matches the architecture (32/64bit) of FileMaker. ".fmx" is 32-bit ".fmx64" is 64-bit. You will also need to make sure that the architecture of Java matches the plugin and FileMaker Pro. Otherwise you will get the error message reported above.
  8. Hi Frankb3, Without being able to see your solution, it sounds like you could call the Go to Related Record script step and make sure that you mark the option for "match the current record". That should give you a found set of all the AUDIO records for a specific COPY record. Once you have that found set, you can create a loop that iterates through the records and calls EmailAttachFile(AUDIO::FILE) for each record. An alternative approach would be to do a Find in the AUDIO table for that specific COPY record's primary key. That should result in the same found set as the Go to Related Record script step. Hope that helps!
  9. Hi FoggyMt, For the first problem, try turning off the progress bars. You can do this by setting the parameter "progress=false" in the EmailSend function call. For the second problem, are you sending to the same account or are you sending this to multiple different recipients? If multiple, are they on the same domain? I have attached a simple test file that will test sending multiple attachments. Try sending attachments with it and see if you get the same results. EmailTest.fmp12
  10. Typically when we see this error, the license string and registered to names have been put in the opposite fields or the wrong license is being entered in. If you need to get back into demo mode for whatever reason after you have registered you will need to uninstall/reinstall SuperContainer.
  11. hudi solved this themselves but I wanted to post the solution here in case someone else runs into this... When you call EmailListMailBoxes but don't pass in any parameters, the function will return all top level mailboxes. However, if those folders have subfolders then you need to pass in the name of the top level folder in order to get a list of the subfolders.
  12. Hi Daniel, It looks like you have sorted it out but I wanted to give a few tips for you or anyone else running into this issue: You do not need to stop and start FMS. In fact, unless you are physically restarting the machine FMS runs on, this may not restart the FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE). The FMSE is what needs to be restarted in order for the plugins to get loaded. The easiest way to restart it is to open Power shell and type the command fmsadmin restart fmse -y . I have also seen the Admin console not reflect accurate information (i.e. installed plugins not showing). Whenever I install plugins on FMS, I will restart the FMSE and then restart the admin console with the command fmsadmin restart adminserver -y . If you are cmd instead of Power shell you may need to change directories to where the fmsadmin utility is installed in order to run the commands.
  13. Hi Mark, We do have plans to release FM Cloud compatible versions of our plugins. We have started development but do not have a current ETA.
  14. Hi Ocean West, That's a good question! You will always need your primary key, creation timestamp, and modification timestamp along with any fields that you want to sync. As for modified auto enter fields, I have updated our docs to elaborate on this. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  15. Hi stanmcman, The standalone server will attempt to write logs into the same directory as where you have it pointed for the "Files" directory. Click the Options button on the user interface and see what path is in the box for Files directory. Next, make sure that directory has read/write permissions. To check permissions, I will typically allow read/write permissions for everyone on that directory (and if necessary, their parent directories) and then start the standalone jar and see if that clears the issue. If it does, the permissions is definitely the cause and you can adjust them accordingly.