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  1. Hi Daniel, It looks like you have sorted it out but I wanted to give a few tips for you or anyone else running into this issue: You do not need to stop and start FMS. In fact, unless you are physically restarting the machine FMS runs on, this may not restart the FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE). The FMSE is what needs to be restarted in order for the plugins to get loaded. The easiest way to restart it is to open Power shell and type the command fmsadmin restart fmse -y . I have also seen the Admin console not reflect accurate information (i.e. installed plugins not showing). Whenever I install plugins on FMS, I will restart the FMSE and then restart the admin console with the command fmsadmin restart adminserver -y . If you are cmd instead of Power shell you may need to change directories to where the fmsadmin utility is installed in order to run the commands.
  2. Hi Mark, We do have plans to release FM Cloud compatible versions of our plugins. We have started development but do not have a current ETA.
  3. Hi Ocean West, That's a good question! You will always need your primary key, creation timestamp, and modification timestamp along with any fields that you want to sync. As for modified auto enter fields, I have updated our docs to elaborate on this. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  4. Hi stanmcman, The standalone server will attempt to write logs into the same directory as where you have it pointed for the "Files" directory. Click the Options button on the user interface and see what path is in the box for Files directory. Next, make sure that directory has read/write permissions. To check permissions, I will typically allow read/write permissions for everyone on that directory (and if necessary, their parent directories) and then start the standalone jar and see if that clears the issue. If it does, the permissions is definitely the cause and you can adjust them accordingly.
  5. I tested this with Apple Mail and it works. I just test with Gmail and it does not work. The background image comes in as an attachment.
  6. Just to update this thread, the method above will indeed work. I'm sure there are other approaches but this one seems to work fine. I have found that if you do not want the image to repeat and fill the background you can use the properties background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; You can pass in different parameters to background-size to get the look and behavior you are looking for.
  7. Hi Lewis, Glad you got figured out and thanks for updating the thread with how you fixed it! Of note, the title at the top of the window having the "null" value is expected behavior for a new configuration. That null value will change to the name of the configuration once you complete it and go back and edit it.
  8. Frankb3, First, I recommend that you do not string all of the function calls within one set variable script step. The reason for this is if that step gets an error or causes a problem, it is difficult to narrow down which function call is causing the issue. Also if one of the functions fail, then the whole script step will fail. It is best practice to separate them out in their own script steps and do some error checking with If conditionals and then log the error and/or exit the script if there is an error. As for the html, I believe that you can use my solution in your EmailSetBody function call. I think what you need to do would look something like this: EmailSetBody(" <html> <body> <img src=\"cid:IHR-CS-Email-Header-Minimal.gif\">" &"<br>" & Production Order::Production Advisory_08 Producer HTML & "<br>" & " <style> body {background-image: url("cid:background123\"); } </style> </body> </html>";"html") EmailAttachFileInline( Images::background ; "background123" ) Like I said before, I haven't tested this with EmailAttachFileInline so I am not sure if that will work but I think it will. If it doesn't you can always use a URL to a hosted image instead.
  9. Hi frankb3, You can accomplish this by modifying your html. Here's an example that will place the linux penguin as the background of an email "<html><body><style> body { background-image: url("http://core0.staticworld.net/images/article/2014/07/linux-tux-100360806-primary.idge.jpg"); } </style> <tr> <td> <p>Content on a pretty background image.</p> </td> </tr> </table></body></html>" This actually tiles the image as the background so you may have to play with the CSS within the <style> tags a bit to get the look you need but that is the basic concept. I have not tested this method with EmailAttachFileInline but I suspect that if you put a cid in the url("") parameter it may work.
  10. Bailey, Restarting the FileMaker Script engine may serve as a "flush". You can do this by using the command "fmsadmin restart fmse -y" in powershell. SMReset will clear any loaded jars, variables, and registered functions that have been stored in memory. This may free up some memory for you but you will need to reload the jars, re-register the functions if/when you need them
  11. Hi D Rai, Yes, Email 1.99 is compatible with FileMaker Server 15.
  12. Hi reynard, Are you installing MirrorSync on a machine that has FileMaker Server installed? If not, the reason you are seeing this message is because the installer issues the fmsadmin command to restart the web server but if you do not have FileMaker Server installed then the command does nothing and the installer quits after 30 seconds of waiting. If this is the case then you should still be able to access MirrorSync by going to http://localhost:42424/MirrorSync .
  13. Hi guys, We are working feverishly to get this new framework completed and tested so that we can release as soon as possible. Again, we will announce their release on all of our media outlets so please be sure that you are subscribed to at least one of them so you know when they are released. Legacy Java 6 is both 32 and 64 bit. The current plugin will work in both 64 bit and 32-bit mode.
  14. For anyone else that may encounter this error, there was a problem on our end that has now been fixed. If anyone experiences this error please send an email to support@360works.com so that we can check into it.
  15. Hi Seth, I have accomplished this in that past by using the "char" calculation. So char(65) =A and char(90)=Z. To increment columns you would need two variables, one to hold the numeric value and another to append to your row variable. I have attached a screen shot of a script that creates an excel sheet with 10000 rows and columns from A-Z. You would need to modify this a bit to work for you but the concept is the same. With that being said, this gets a little tricky when you start to get into the AA,AB,AC columns and so on. One of my colleague's uses this custom function to make that a non issue.