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  1. Thanks webko for your answer. One thing that is not clear to me is if I need to buy one or two copies of fm pro. Thanks.
  2. Hi All Apologies if this is a dumb question but I haven't been able to find the answer. Does filemaker pro 15 allow to share a file in one Mac to share with other filemaker clients? In case the answer to that question is yes, do I need two licenses? My current scenario is that I have a desktop pc, that I would use it as a Host and my laptop that may be used as a client. I read some articule here in this forum that file sharing hosting was not going to be present in fm15 and that the only way to share files would be using fm server. Thanks in advance for your help Regards.
  3. Thanks all for you answer. If I understood correctly all your replied, two possible approaches to handle my question. First one using a dedicated "TodayDate" field which I would replace on a daily basis (not recommended by Comments) and another one using the Get (Current Date) in the calculation of the Tag, unstored which would refresh with no issues. Searches should be based over DueDate field as this can be indexed. I will as soon as I finish writing this post. Thanks again and regards. Mariano
  4. Hi All I have a Database that deals with Bills and due dates. Every bill has a due date and I need to calculate every day the status of a bill: Overdue, Short Term Due, Long Term Due, etc. The Get (Current Date) - Due Date (field) is not the right one, as I read in this forum, this function is not dynamic. My question is, which would be my best approach? I was thinking in setting up a Date Field in which I replace every single day the current date. What do you think? Thanks in advance for your answer. Regards Mariano.
  5. Thanks Fitch yes, is a number field. I'll try your suggestion. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys I'm looki forward for some help.... Im trying to search within a nagative numbers search. What I'm entering in find mode is -100...-200 but every time I do a search no record is found. In my database there are -110 and -120 values. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards. Mariano
  7. Thanks bcooney, if I copy my database from my pc to iphone, any limitation on size / # of records iphone 6 plus / filemaker go can handle? My estimation is that my database might grow 10k records a year
  8. Hi All, I have a designed a small solution for my business that works great for my just for a single user, pretty simple. I was thinking on buying an iphone and being able enter data on the go using this tool (after modifying my layouts / scripts, etc). My question is: My First option would be to have both files (iphone / Pc) there any limitation on the amount of records Filemaker Go / iphone can handle ? Most likely a better option would be to get FMS and enter data directly on the server. Thing is, I know nothing about FMS and I'm not always online.... Thank in advance for your help.
  9. Hi BruceR, thanks for your answer Let me give you my quick example which, by the way, doesn't mean I'm doing things right (at all) I have three layouts, L1, L2 and L3. I want to navigate from L2 or L3 to L1, In L2 and L3 I have a button, that basically says: "Go to L1:, and in L1 I have a "Go Back" button which takes me back to the layout I'm coming from. The way I have managed to achieve this, in L2 or L3 is setting a global variable $$myLayout, and assign the value of the layout with the Get (LayoutNumber) function when I press a button on L2 or L3. Then my "Go Back" button in L1 is a Go to Layout, script step and in the specify drop down I use "Layout Number by calculation" in which I use the $$myLayout content. I've tried with the GetScriptParameter function, but the issue is that in L2 or L3, when my script finishes sending me to L1, then I cannot get the parameter as the value doesn't last after the script finishes. Have I explained my self? Can I do this in a way avoiding Global Variables?
  10. Thanks Wim, this link was really helpful and allow me to have a better understanding on how to manage variables. Probably, as I'm an intermediate and a learner, I was making a couple of mystakes. Thanks again. Regards. Mariano
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to make my code, more efficient. As far as I understand, global variables take memory that filemaker might use for other tasks. So, if this statement is correct, how would I free that memory? Should I set my variables to "" after using them? Any other way to do it? Thanks Regards. Mariano
  12. Hi Bruce I see many ways in using the variables if I declare them with a certain logic in this way In my case all those variables I need them to declare in one layout / table and then take them to another layout and perform certain "finds" in another layout / table. Is far more easier to do this creating all these variables in one place, assign a value and then go to the other layout and use those values to perform my "finds" "extends" ,etc. Thank for this Bruce....I'll take a look tonight. Regards
  13. Thanks Kris, I will try that function as well...seems a little bit difficult but I guess I'll make it work. My understanding is when I loop the VRep value should change so that the variable name changes as well, right? Could you pls, put a real example to understand this function deeply? Regards.
  14. Thanks I can achieve the same with your last paragraph!thanks again
  15. Hi All, first of all, forgive my English, as this is not my native language and I'm not bilingual. Glad to be here....seems to me that I've come the right place to learn about Filemaker. I need some help naming variables dynamically to move forward on my development: - I have a found set that can vary according to what I've searched - I need to go record by record in this found set and assign a value to a variable. One value per record, therefore one variable per record. - After that, I need to manipulate those variable in another process. The amount of records found have an impact on how many variables the process would define. So, if I find 10 records, I need to define Var1, Var2....Var10. Now if the process finds 20 records, I need to define Var1, Var2, Var20. Now, I don't want to define a fixed number of variables (ie 1000 variables) assuming that the process will never retrieve this number of records Long story short, I cannot manipulate the variable name to create it dynamically Have I explained myself I should I take more English classes? Is there a way to achieve this? Can anyone help pls? Help in advance. Regards. Mariano