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  1. I seem unable to load Script master in FMPA 16 (32 bit) on Windows 7 32 and on Windows 10 64. My solution must be 32 bit. Plugin was placed in the extensions folder. There are unknown script steps in it startup script. Any advice please ?
  2. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    Noted, thank you, will try .....
  3. Scriptmaster 5-0201 won't load FMPA 16 (32bit)

    I am somewhat worried that no-one seems to know the answer. So does Scriptmaster work or not with FMP (A) ? I see many other posts along the same problem.
  4. What is windows 9 ? There is 8 and 10 ? For Java one has to very specifically ensure that you install the 64 bit version.