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  1. But - and I don't mean to be thick, though I may be - is there precedent for layouts, made using the native FMP interface, and accessed via WebDirect - as the main method of accessing the db interface? Are people making that? The last time I was neck-deep in this thought process, the www interface was too cumbersome to make that a satisfying experience.
  2. This is a wide open question without a correct answer. Maybe it will foster comments & suggestions. Over several years, at another job in another state, I cobbled together a FileMaker solution that's now an essential part of the way that business operates. That project consists of several haphazard fixes and relationships held together with baling wire and chewing gum, because we kept ading functionality as it occurred to us, and because my skill level was changing as the project grew. Now that I'm in my next life, I'm ready to start the project from scratch and try to license it as an off-the-shelf database to businesses in this line. I'm convinced that the right form for such a project is a browser interface. So my question: is there such a thing as a solution, sitting on an FMS install, that's solely accessed (by its users) via a browser window - and doesn't feel clunky? If I were a newborn, just wanting to make this project, I'd assume that the best thing was to learn PHP & Ruby & JavaScript. I'm not assuming FM is the best way just because it's what I know, but et cetera et cetera. All input, as always, is welcome.
  3. Thanks, Wim, I was genuinely confused by the "for teams" layout.
  4. I didn't see any subforum that's specifically devoted to FileMaker as a product. If this is in the wrong place, sorry in advance and feel free to shush or move me. It's a few years since I spent money on FileMaker, but I'm considering recommending it to a public library and am bewildered by the current store offerings. I expected to find renewable annual licenses for 4 or 5 seats of FMP, 1 of FM Advanced, and then talk about the pluses and minuses of hosting on 1 seat of FMS. Instead, I'm finding group subscriptions, no mention of Advanced, but something else called Developer. Can anyone point me to a rundown of FMP's current suite of offerings?
  5. That's exactly it! I was getting so caught up in the "higher order" scripting, I was forgetting that when users open it, they click a button to indicate which interface they want to use. Simple added command going to the right layout did the trick. Thanks
  6. TL; DR: FMS running scheduled script to delete "extra" records, reports success, records not deleted. ----------------------------------------- I had a persistent problem: people opening a database weren't realizing they were looking at other users' existing records, and were inadvertently overtyping them. (More than half the time that people access this, it's so they can make a new entry.) My solution was to have the DB create a new record each time users accessed it (via a certain layout). The empty records aren't a problem (because users only access "old" records through a search function or printed reports), so I wrote a script that searches for, and deletes, empty records. The only goal is to keep the chaff from outweighing the wheat. This has worked fine. When I schedule the script (in FMS, FMS reports success, but when I reopen the db on my desk, none of the 'useless' records has been deleted. When I run the same script manually, it runs fine (the records vanish). The account running the script is a Full Access account, and the script has full access privileges. ------------------------------------------- The steps involved in the script are (how do you cut & paste a whole script?) - Set error capture on - Perform find on a calc field (flips from 0 to 1 when all three fields are empty) - delete all - commit - show all - go to last record
  7. No, I'm in over my head. ODBC driver I get, but I don't know what DSN stands for. Desperate, Stranded Newbie? There are plenty of kinds of FMP sharing that are one-step operations that are easily executed on the first try with no special knowledge (like converting from XLS). I was assuming this would be one of those, since SQL is open. For now, I'm going back to first base
  8. A simple project wants to start with several people out in the field doing data entry; in the interest of uniformity, I set up a simple one-table web-based SQL table with a one-way PHP interface. That's working fine (and is about the limit of my facility with PHP). My intent was to set up an automated recurring import into a FMP database, which I thought would consist of entering credentials and an IP address into the ExecuteSQL script step. I find the learning curve a little more steep. In this instance, it's really not hard for me to export the contents to my desktop once a day and then hoover them up into FMP. But can you recommend a one-stop tutorial for this kind of straightforward behavior?
  9. My problem was some form of corruption. I did a complete reinstall - though once I did, everything was fine. The only other thing I'll mention - and I'm hazy on the details, now - is that there was a discrepancy somewhere involving the URLs generated for internal testing. My recollection is that the internal test page tests against the numeric IP address, not the domain (which causes a certificate error, since the cert is issued against the domain); and further that somewhere the admin console on the local machine tries to generate against localhost instead of the domain, and maybe couldn't resolve the https prefix. None of these problems is your root problem, of course, but in my case they added a layer of congusion (and therefore some delay). So keep an eye on this structural stuff as you troubleshoot.
  10. This is a wide-open post soliciting input of any kind. If it sounds like I'm looking for advice specific to my situation, I'm not - I'm just trying to think through some questions and wondering what temperature the water is. (At the same time, in case it helps the discussion be more productive, the thing I'm thinking about would be aimed at anywhere from 3-15 users per site.) I'm contemplating a solution that would be industry-specific and that I'd market in a field that has both large and small installations. I wish to build a price structure (for my clients) that includes the graduated savings of the annual license plan - i.e. I'd like to charge an annual subscription fee, based on the number of seats my client is licensing, and have that price include the same "it just works" upgrade functionality that's built into iOS apps. Are you guys usually resellers - where the customer is buying FMP and owns the license? That seems much neater to me. But I'd sort of like to own the license, because it will allow me to market to the customer on the basis that you pay $X00 per year, and you use my software and this FMP license that I own, and as long as you give me X months notice, I'll take it all back. Less chance that the client will end up owning a bunch of software licenses that they have no use for. How about FMS? In my day job, I've seen how much easier it is managing solutions hosted on an FMS console - mostly due to the automation of scripts & backups. I sometimes design databases that make extra (blank) records if it makes the user interface easier, because I can just clean them up each night at 2 a.m. So I'm thinking of marketing a solution that could either be hosted on FMS (which of course adds expense) or not - if the client wants to commit to handling maintenance and backup on their own. It feels to me though like that might be asking for trouble - a year down the line I'm on the phone with the new manager explaining no, you were supposed to be saving a copy to Dropbox each night . . . These (and the dozen other questions just like them) are really business questions aimed at the cross-sections of scale, tolerance and expertise that characterize so much small business. War stories welcomed.
  11. nevermind. knucklehead error so that I'm not even going to bother spelling out.
  12. The first 10 scripts in a database used to be available by hitting Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, etc. What has become of this?
  13. How do you configure your 'automatic update' settings for Windows & Java? Why? The OS I'm currently managing is Win Server 2012.
  14. Thanks very much, Wim. I got so wrapped up in what I was doing, I forgot how to do it.
  15. Have been fighting my way uphill in getting an SSL certificate, and I'm almost there. But now: - I used the fmsadmin command to generate my server request, but when I copy the hash out of serverRequest.pem and send it up to GeoTrust, the import fails with the message country code is not valid. Anybody know where to set the country code in FMS14?