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  1. Rod, To store the Project in an external drive, all you have to do is move the file from wherever it is currently stored, to the external drive. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  2. Kristine, The Calendar in the Latest version of FMSP (4.6.8) already has this functionality, and it has had it for some time. There should be a DropDown List of all Staff entered in your database located at the top center in the newer (4.6) versions of FMSP and on the top left in the earlier (4.5) versions. when a staff is selected it will show all To Do items for that Staff for the month you are looking at. If that is not working, I would be sure you are using the "Magnifying Glass" search button to relate a Staff member to a To Do. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  3. Hi All, So FMSP... has been recently updated to version 4.6.8...and is now available at There were a few User Interface bugs, and coding errors that have been corrected. In Addition, we have added FM Cloud Support to our PSOS scripts, to allow you to take full advantage of all of FileMaker's latest offerings.. Super cool!!! As always... this is a free product. There is a BUG submitter tool... built in... if you visit the preferences screen so that you may submit any bugs you find, directly to us. If you are interested in our Design team assisting you with your database... to make it look, and function, just as well as FMSP... then email us at
  4. Hello, If you fill out the download this web page... You will get an email sent to you with he download links. There will *also* be included links for previous versions of FMSP... that are compatible with FM 11, FM 12, FM 13, FM 14 and of course... FM 15. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  5. T05_CON_Contacts is the name of the table T05(x) is a "Table Occurrence" in essence, a Table Occurrence (TO) is a duplication of a particular table used for a specific purpose, mostly, for relationships. For more information on the topic, you can read here: Additionally, you should watch our "Anchor Buoy Methodology" videos in the course you purchased. They are videos #1130-1131 Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  6. Ben, There are a few details to hammer out before giving exact advise. The rub is that all our internal relationships are built around the "Estimate ID" field, and you would need to either rewire the entire system, or create a display ID. Both of these can be labor intensive. For some more information, please email me directly at so we can discuss further details. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  7. Hello Jose, To Enter a date in the Invoice Layout, all you have to do is select the field, a "Wheel" should pop up and allow you to select a date by moving each section corresponding to Month, Day, and Year. As far as Table View is Concerned, the Layouts are not in the Filemaker Go section of the Product because they do not show up well on an iPad; however, if you are really keen on seeing them, you can manually navigate to them by selecting the "folder" icon on the top left of the iPad, selecting Layouts --> Mouse Layouts --> Invoices --> L93_INVOICES_Table_View Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  8. The starting location of the map is based on the Lat and Long in the Preference Layout under "Map Settings." The Lat and Long there determine the location at which the map starts. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  9. Hmm, i've looked into this quite a bit and its still escaping me. I have discovered that shipping Costs are added after the Discount, and therefore are not discounted. The Problem corrects itself after a while though? If you enter several Values? Are you using the Latest version of FMSP 4.6.6? Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  10. Ben, We have had multiple customers insert an Address table in a multitude of ways successfully (Either themselves, or hired us to do it for them), and it is certainly a viable solution, the questions is, are the addresses the only thing that change between locations? If so, then Yes, I would recommend adding an "Address" table and start relating accounts, it allows flexibility when creating invoices and helps keep all the information more neat. An alternative I have also seen deployed is a "Locations" table that gives the user the ability to edit a bit more of the information, like regional managers, facility managers, etc. Used more often in cases where Regional managers handle inventory at all their stores. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  11. Lesster, I am having difficulty reproducing the issue, which figures were wrong? The discount field on the Invoice layout refers to a discount on the order as a whole, and will not be displayed in each line item. If you need to change the price on a particular item, that is done in the Products section. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  12. DevDude, You can change the file name to whatever you want, it is your file. That being said, if you plan on reselling or distributing it in any way, the conditions outlined in the license must be met. Some of the conditions are as follows, read the full license for additional details: "Redistribution and use in all forms, with or without modification, is permitted provided that the following conditions are met: • Redistribution in all forms must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. • Neither the name of Richard Carlton Consulting, Inc. nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. • Resale of the database is only permitted in the event that "Substantial Modification" has been made to the original product. Resale of the database without "Substantial Modification" is prohibited. • Some graphic elements within this database are provided under the LGPL license." Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  13. Hey Lesster, To do a direct capture with a Webcam, I would look at installing this plugin: If you are using an iPad, a simple insert script should work just fine. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  14. Hello Lesster, In FMSP for adding line Items to the invoices, I would recommend just pressing the "Add a Line" button located Just above the portal. It allows for fuller display of the Product, and insures all correct relationships are being formed. Also, If you are not using the Latest version of FMSP 4.6 (4.6.6) I would recommend picking that up, as it has a multitude of bug fixes from our earlier versions. Thanks! Jonathan Hogle
  15. Mel, Are you sure you are not accidentally pressing the "Duplicate" button located on the top left corner, instead of the "New Record" button located on the top menu towards the center? If not, Can you please provide more detail as to when the problem happens so I can attempt to recreate it. Thanks,