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  1. The purpose of the if statement is to see on what layout the user is in. Based on the layout then I do an export of the data found on said layout. I can do this with 5 different scripts or one long script, which way would you prefer? or maybe not necessarily with an if statement?
  2. Is it better to have 1 long script with 5 different if statements or 5 different scripts? (the 5 scripts would be assigned to 5 different buttons, the long script would be assigned to every single button)
  3. I didn't understand! I have my filtered portal in the parent table. There is a field inside the filtered portal called Credits, so let's object name the field to objCredtis. so if I make a script: Go To Object [ 'objCredtis' ] Go to related records [Show only related records; From table: "Child table"; using layout <Current Layout>] export records[no dialog] this should work? With the same filtered portal, If I do a script: Go to Portal row [first] Go to related records [Show only related records; From table: "Child table"; using layout <Current Layout>] export records[no dialog] Sooo both methods should work? or am I lost? :v
  4. Ok I got you, But now I don't know how to get the data I need. What I did was to show in the portal the related records the parent table had with the child table If I'm in the child table, I need to see all the records related to the parent table. If I do the portal in the child table, how can I see all the records that are related to the same parent? the relationship is based on parent table ID --> child table ID FK
  5. Ok, look at the excel picture, the first 4 columns are missing information. Apparently the information is grouped so no information is repeated
  6. Hi, can you reload and see? @rwoods The question is that the information found in my portal is incomplete in my export excel >_<
  7. Hi guys! I'm having problems when exporting the data inside a portal, there are two portals on the layout but only one is viewable and the other is hidden, the portal that I want to export also has a filter . I'm using the export records option found in filemaker pro 14. This is the portal (it's in spanish): this is the export (I put the field names in english):
  8. You are the man! Thanks for everything, your solutions always surprise me, keep up the good work PS: quick question, why did you declare Students::gCategory as global? I don't understand very well when to declare a variable as global
  9. No, everything is optional, some may be enrolled in language, others in arts, etc
  10. Ok so I should make a new table occurrence? and what exactly am I doing with this new relationship? I was thinking about doing a calculation in enrollments like this: calcApproved= If (Status="Approved" and PlanCarrera::Category="Math"; 1) Then make a summary field that adds up calcApproved. Then in the students layout make another field that takes the summary field and divides it by 4 ( 4 is the number of math courses)
  11. Wait, which problem are we talking about? Status can be passed, failed, expelled
  12. My bad, I´ll explain a little more: Courses are categorized by math, science, laguage, etc. A student can enroll in which ever. I want to track the progress of a student in all his math courses. For example math has 4 courses (calculus 1, 2 , 3 , geometry). So if the student wins calculus 1, he would have completed 25% of all his math category. Soo to show this I would filter the portal to show only his course of calculus 1, and turn green if passed. (I chose a button cus rectangle doesn't have conditional format).
  13. So I put a button inside the portal, I don't need the button to do anything other than change color. It works, I'll have to make 10 portals cus I must filter by name so no other unwanted enrollment appears. Thanks alot! I would like to make the progress calculation, i.e : 30% finished. I'm thinking this has to be done in the enrollment table, right? Thanks!
  14. Oh I'm not using a portal, only want to replicate this progress bar but I can't seem to know how to use the conditional format depending on the related record status. If I need to use a portal I can do that, If I don't need the portal then there's no reason to use it. Soo how can I get this done? >_<
  15. So the student can course a max of 10 different subjects. So there should be 10 different buttons that represent each different course that student has being and each button should change color depending on the course status (passed, failed, expelled) What I'm Planning is to replicate this Each button is suppose to be a course.that changes color depending on course status Hope that clears everything! thanks for your help!