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  1. Thanks physixz, Finally an answer that seems to provide a solution. This error has bugged me for years. Thanks so much for sharing Regine
  2. Hi There, I am trying to apply the solution from Mr_Vodka, but it just doesn't work. I am having a relationship to the same table based on a name field. Maybe this is the reason it is not working? My Scenario: I have an InvoiceRegister and whenever a new Invoice is entered I am showing in a portal all invoices that were previously entered for the same company. So Table A "InvoiceRegister" is joint by the field "Company" with Table B "InvoiceCompany" (Table B is just another occurrence of "InvoiceRegister") I created a sort field and applied it to the table occurrence "InvoiceCompany" since this is what the portal is using. Sortfield: Let ( [ idList = ¶ & $$gIDs & ¶ ; // substitute your global var or field - I don't understand this bit? What do I need to change here? id = ¶ & ID & ¶ ; // substitute your ID field - my field is also called ID result = Position ( idList ; id ; 1; 1 ) ]; result ) The Portal is then sorted by the sort field created above. I copied the script "sortPortal [field]" without any changes I copied the script "setPortal_refresh" and changed the SQL statement to this ExecuteSQL( "SELECT ID from InvoiceCompany WHERE Company = ? ORDER BY " & $$field & Case ( $$sort_desc; " DESC" ); ""; ""; InvoiceRegister::Company ) I applied the button to the header of the portal field, selected the script "sortPortal [field]" and added the script parameter Let ( $$sort_icon = 1; GetFieldName ( InvoiceCompany::Property ) ) I also copied the variable "Declare Variables" onto the layout, even though I have no idea what it does. What am I missing or where am I going wrong? I have looked for this now for so many hours, but I just can't get it to work. Thanking you in advance. Regine