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  1. Hi, thank you guys for all the help. I am really new at all this. I am not sure what I need to change to make it work...
  2. The user: admin and password is bigsky72 There is an Add Client button that is just New Record to create a new record Thank you so much! XFile.fmp12
  3. When I click create New Record all fields should be blank. But my Portal, which has fields inside, pulls data from a different record. I am not sure why it is doing this but since it is a New Record all the fields in the Portal should be empty. Please any advice is appreciated.
  4. I have a table with field Trainer_Location and Trainer_Name. I want to be able to choose from field Trainer_Location (Club1, Club2, Club3 or Club4) and have the next field Trainer_Name show the related trainer's name. So example: Example 1 Trainer Location: Club 1 Trainers Name: John, Jason, Mike Example 2 Trainer Location: Club 2 Trainers Name: Julie, Todd, Don, Fran