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  1. Any example for this? Btw, the autocomplete method will only work for filtering the values which matches from the beginning. I want to match the typed string match anywhere in the value.
  2. Couldn't find much help regarding what I want to accomplish in that page.
  3. How can I make the dropdown field narrow down the displayed list as I type? The solution you suggested is just a simple drop down field with a value list. Regarding _kf_products_id I mistakenly typed that way. I have corrected it.
  4. I have a table called PRODUCTS and it has two fields: _kp_products_id product_name In product_name field it has following values in separate records: iPhone Screen Protector Samsung Screen Protector iPhone Charger Selfie Stick In a layout I want to show the product_name in a drop down field and when the user choose any of the value it should assign _kp_products_id of that product. If I type: "Char" in the field then it should filter down the dropdown with these values: iPhone Charger If I type: "iPho" in the field then it should filter down the dropdown with these values: iPhone Screen Protector iPhone Charger How can I accomplish this?
  5. I'm currently using filemaker pro 14 connected to filemaker 14 server. I don't want to upgrade to filemaker 15 because of it's new license policy. Is it possible to get filemaker pro 14's license? I checked filemaker's website and it seems I can buy filemaker 15 license only.
  6. Even if I give full access to records, if I don't show them in layouts then is there anyway the user will have access to those data? I have full access to records for design simplicity. I know its bad practice but it comes with the easiness in design.
  7. I have given access to all records in all tables. The script trigger are on the layout they have access to but for performing some of it's action it needs to goto restricted layout. For example: Go to layout: "Restricted Layout" Request new record etc... That's exactly what I am trying to do. They have access to all records/tables but going to restricted layout won't work via script. Good suggestion. However, I think it will cause lots of clutter with lots of multiple layouts. I'll have to think about it.
  8. I don't want certain layouts to be seen by certain users. However, some of the fields needs to be modified in those layouts by certain scripts. I tried but those users who don't have access to certain layouts (restricted from manage > security) can't trigger the scripts which access the fields from those layouts. Hence, I have given access to those layouts but have hidden them from layout menu. This still don't solve my problem since I am always worried that due to some mistake the user will have access to those layouts which they shouldn't see. Isn't there anyway to run the scripts and access the fields from those restricted layout while at the same time they are restricted using the security?
  9. Thank you for the info.
  10. I had heard that filemaker downloads a single record with all fields from server even if there's only one field in the layout. That means the server needs to calculate all the calculated fields before downloading. Is that correct? You are right. I'm splitting the table.
  11. Can you please elaborate more on right 'summary' buckets? The only way I know to create the summary is by defining sub-summary part.
  12. This will still need the records to be sorted since I'm using sub-summary.
  13. I have some sub-summary layouts which needs sorted records. Since, my file is hosted in filemaker server in cloud, all the records are fetched first before sorting. This is causing some delays and I'm imagining what will happen if there will be lots of records. Is there anyway to speed it up?
  14. I noticed webdirect don't show custom menus. I don't use buttons in layout to navigate and I rely entirely upon custom menus for navigation. What's the solution?
  15. I have a table which has too many fields which contains various aspects of the product. Since the database is hosted in filemaker server and accessed via internet, I think it will cause unnecessary load since I think the whole record is downloaded even if I need just a couple of fileds in certain layout. I think it will be better to split the tables into multiple tables with relevant data. This will cause one to one relationship. Is it good or bad? If it's good to do that then is there anyway I can automatically create record in other related table whenever the record is added in the original table?