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  1. Hi everyone, we use FMGo 16, a FM Server 14 and FMPA 15 Syncing works fine except that in new records the two auto enter mod fields (created by, changed by) are set to the "local" user of the iPad Means USER1 creates on IPAD1 a record and after USER2 syncs the new records to IPAD2 the value for all MOD Fields show that USER2 created the record and changed it. I have not included the "modified by" field in the sync layout. (Thought I read somewhere I shouldn't do this ...) The mod fields have the settings "Do not change Value when entered", "Check Values only when entered", "User is allowed to disable check of data when entered" (Please excuse if the settings are named a little bit different, I use a german Version and translated them ...) My first idea was now to change the settings of the fields, but before I start testing around I thought to ask here .. Kind regards from Germany Carsten
  2. Sync order of tables

    Thanks Tsiry then I will reduce the amount of relationships in the MirrorSync config client to get a parent child logic which is necessary for syncing. A few relationships there are not really necessary for this case (value lists, more or less) Kind regards Carsten
  3. Hi, in which order are the tables synced when MirrorSync starts? Is this done in the order how they occur in the "sync" Layout folder? We are syncing quite a few tables and use filters in the customization script to reduce the amount of records to be synced. We want to start syncing the relevant projects, then only the relevant phases of these projects and then only the relevant tasks of these phases ... That is why we need to synchronize in this order ... project-phase-task If we start the customization script (MirrorSync Customization) from the different sync Layouts in the "right" order of the tables all filters work fine. My question from the beginning is one of my first steps to look for my mistake :-) Kind regards from Germany Carsten

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