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  1. Recover opening files in the same window

    That's exactly what I've tried to say. Thanks Paul!
  2. Recover opening files in the same window

    That's a good solution, Paul. Thank you. :-)
  3. Recover opening files in the same window

    I mean that, in FM 15 and earlier, if I set the overall application window at a fixed size, all file's opened windows fitted in this overall application window and it was a usefull option, at least for me. Now, as you've noticed, each file opens in its own windows and there's no option to use an overall application windows for all files opened.
  4. I see that, as a new Filemaker's 16 feature, every fm file opens in a new window instead a unique windows for all files. This is a good advance but, in some situations, we need to maintain the old behavior. Is this still possible by any preference o script step?

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