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  1. actually I think I was also over tired when I posted - the latter two fields would be a Summary field using the Total of the corresponding fields. however that only evaluates correctly to the found set of records as a summary operate on the found set.
  2. two new calc fields: isClacorp = PatternCount ( domain_name ; "clacorp.org" ) isSadccf = PatternCount ( domain_name ; "sadccf.org" ) two summary fields: isClacorpCount = Sum ( isClacorp) isSadccf = Sum ( isSadccf )
  3. The Technique is a bit old and not sure how the iText license changed but this is one option. https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/combining-pdfs-the-blazing-fast-method
  4. Make a backup first: do a replace on your field: Substitute ( your::field ; "-" ; "_" ) will replace existing data. in the auto entry field you can use: Substitute ( self ; "-" ; "_" )
  5. Welcome to the Fourms, I am not sure how you database is constructed with regards the relationships but yes there would be a way to script duplicating the parent record and then duplicating the child records (appointments) and replacing the primary key of the new duplicate - even clearing out fields that are not relevant to the new record. It would all be done with scripts.
  6. In database terms: in FileMaker terms a predicate is one or more fields used as parent or foreign keys between two table occurrences.
  7. I think this custom function may be able to assist you in determining the values that are missing http://www.briandunning.com/cf/193
  8. it seems the issue with my ScriptWorkspace is possible cause by having any plugins that are using older Java code. When using Sierra and FMPA trying to pivot the folders in the scripts list or drag the window wider they seem to disappear, makes coding so much fun.
  9. What's the process for converting BYOL and if you don't like it converting back your license back to FBA AVLA?
  10. Nhan you are welcome to post this in the Marketplace. Here http://fmforums.com/files/ will allow you upload files and different revisions, and also attach images to showcase the tool. Cheers Stephen
  11. there was a system update that may have broken some legacy avatars or the location where they were stored - i found your image and restored it but i'd have to research the permanent solution.
  12. It also may be an issue with USB 3 drives and drives over 4 TB the OS does not see them, or they are not bootable. If the drive was partitioned into 2 TB volumes then it may work.
  13. So all setup now on MS 3.v3 and using JDBC for the sync of 9 tables, some tables are hub > spoke the attachment tables are spoke > hub and things are pretty quick for initial sync. and even after an exam is synced up its pretty quick with the small overhead of any new pdf's or images from the ios device being uploaded. only one table is using the Custom SQL qualifier the logic is "WHERE doSync = 1" the field doSync is a calculation : Min ( arrayDate) ≥ (Get(CurrentDate) - 7 ) and Max ( arrayDate) ≤ (Get(CurrentDate) + 7 ) seems to be pulling the correct data because we are only pushing images to the hub there are cases where the inspector wishes to see images or PDF from a few days ago - is there any way to initiate a sync for the record that he is viewing to pull down the pdfs and images?
  14. Paginated Picker

    Version 1.0.0


    virtual list from value list using button bars to display data not portal and paginates thru the values.


  15. View File Paginated Picker virtual list from value list using button bars to display data not portal and paginates thru the values. Submitter Ocean West Submitted 08/24/2016 Category Samples FM Version FM Version: 14