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  1. FileMaker 12 to 16

    SuperContainer data is stored in a directory on the server - you can make sure you backup your HD so you have copies of all the original files. The default locations for the file storage is http://docs.360works.com/index.php/SuperContainer#File_Storage you can get the version number of SC by going to: http://domain_or_ip.com/SuperContainer Upgrading to a new version will update the server tomcat files and resources needed to serve images it will not delete folders where files are stored.
  2. Summarize 3 time fields?

    caffeine running out - fair warning - how about.... create a field that is Sum ( time1 ; time2 ; time3 ) this will sum up the rows, then a new summary field to get the total hours of that field.
  3. I am trying to decide on a schema approach to a small add-on to a vendor/supplier evaluation process, we will have this 'survey' done at intervals, and I am deciding to either put data as a fields or as a table with a key value pair which would require a scripted creation of the data set. Or storing the data as a JSON array and pivot it out to a virtual list. The jury is still out if we need to have aggregate data across all vendors to get a tally if say one of these items is a no. If data is stored in an array computing the aggregate across dozens of records can present its own challenge. Curious to entertain some concepts and suggestions.. During the evaluation period: These questions have Y / N / NA Quality 1. Were the correct materials shipped? 2. Did received materials arrive in good condition? 3. Did all purchased materials met specifications and requirements? 4. Did all purchased materials maintain the quality standards for products? 5. Did we receive prior notification of any changes to purchased materials? Service 1. Were orders processing correctly and efficiently? 2. Were orders received on time and undamaged? 3. Were payment requests handled correctly, efficiently and courteously? 4. Was customer service courteous and helpful? Value 1. Have product prices remained unchanged? 2. Have shipping and handling costs remained unchanged? 3. Was prior notification received for any pricing changes? (no answers above require a text explanations field) Resulting actions (can be more than one): 1. No action required 2. Inform supplier of concerns 3. Submit a formal complaint to supplier 4. Request CAPA from supplier 5. Move to APPROVED | PROVISIONAL | NOT APPROVED list
  4. test

  5. If the output is all in one text Calc then use the char(9) or a tab then use tab stops on the field.
  6. Styles eye dropper problem

    if any one objects is a button it is grouped and the old behavior of being able to style it or use the eye dropper is gone you have to select the object from the object window.
  7. Site Update - June

    New feature is "Fluid" found on the forum index. allows you to view all forums then select which forums you wish to filter by.
  8. Adjustable Size Layout

    you can use sliding objects on the layout and things will slide up when blank or you can use the hide object when and hide the field when it is empty so that only content will print.
  9. Update Feedback

    I had to update that part it should be back on.
  10. Taptalk

    Users of Taptalk, please know we are offline for the time being while the site is currently in beta and a new versions is pending.
  11. We have updated the site to the latest beta version of the forums software. Please report any issues you discover. Thank You.
  12. View File FM16 Card Style Window Preview Mode Action Button Pallet This technique was inspired by @Claus Lavendt in a tweet. Now with offset new card style mode you can now create a tool pallet to interact with a document in preview mode Submitter Ocean West Submitted 05/16/2017 Category Samples FM Version FM Version: 16  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This technique was inspired by @Claus Lavendt in a tweet. Now with offset new card style mode you can now create a tool pallet to interact with a document in preview mode


  14. Where have all the formats gone?

    latest updated turned them off - should be back.