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  1. View File FM16 Card Style Window Preview Mode Action Button Pallet This technique was inspired by @Claus Lavendt in a tweet. Now with offset new card style mode you can now create a tool pallet to interact with a document in preview mode Submitter Ocean West Submitted 05/16/2017 Category Samples FM Version FM Version: 16  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This technique was inspired by @Claus Lavendt in a tweet. Now with offset new card style mode you can now create a tool pallet to interact with a document in preview mode


  3. plan to later in the week make some alterations to a solution which is the same database that gets cloned and sent out to end users. There will be some new fields added and some fields will be tentatively removed or renamed. Other then rename/removing of fields if I get the bulk of the system updated before I alter the syncLayouts what other things must I be aware of for field workers who may have unsynced records on their iPads thru the week? also, is there a recommended way (other then sending out an email) a way for their database to know once they have synced data on their device to the host that there is a new 'build' available and present them a link to download it?
  4. latest updated turned them off - should be back.
  5. check your server DNS settings if your using a FQDN and uploading to server I had an issue where there was no loopback or something causing very small images and files to take many seconds to upload.
  6. Since development is ongoing, and were massaging data still there are times when we need to make bulk edits to record sets. So in the field that is used for the timestamp on the layout the calculation is: stampModifyHost: Case ( $$isDev = 1 ; stampModifyHost ; Case ( stampModifyLocal ; Get (CurrentHostTimestamp) ) ) StampAccountModify: Case ( $$isDev = 1 ; stampAccountModify ; Case ( stampModifyLocal ; Get (AccountName) ) ) when we know we are going to mass modify a lot of records we set $$isDev to thru a script only available to someone with full access. after a loop or replace all has been done turn off the $$isDev However I have a suspicion that this may be ill-conceived or may not achieve the necessary intensions.
  7. What fields should and should NOT be on the sync layouts? In the dialog box it said something about not having Modified By fields on the layout... can you please expand on this? - I did notice that I have on my hosted file a Created by field (account) after the sync all the records are now owned or created on the date of the sync on the mobile device. - discovered a small bug. in this solution the primary fields are named with double underscores __TableName and foreign fields are single, in one table we had __Notes for the primary field and also a field called Notes however in the config of the sync picking the primary key ignores the double underscores.
  8. I am noticing a dialog box now when logging in to the live databases on mac or iOS, it reads: I've had the script referenced in the on first open trigger but never remember getting this dialog.
  9. Repeating fields are legacy feature in FileMaker however they do have their uses. I was trying to create a report with columns that would slide up to the height of the maximum field the problem with using regular fields and turning on any borders on the fields the sliding up of all above or directly above did not produce the desired result some columns would be shorter then others and the lines would not be consistent from the top of the body to the bottom. In this case the columns are all the same width so I thought the use a calculation will be able do the trick. With the final result sliding up to the height of the largest column, with a little tweaking to the padding and line spacing and since some numbers needed to be formatted as currency a custom function in the calculation made it possible not to have to apply currency formatting to the entire repeating field. Also in order to get the column headers to line up I even created a similar repeating calc for the column labels.
  10. The let function declares the variables a - h in this case and I wrap each field with the Extend( ) function this is solely used for taking non repeating fields and making their value accessible to a calculation's repetition. The calculation at the end is a Choose function that returns the value depending on the function Get (CalculationRepetitionNumber) In essence the first rep gets value in a, second is b, third is c and so forth. This function is zero based meaning its the few functions in FileMaker that start out with zero so that is just blank, with two "". you should be able to click on the image to zoom in on it.
  11. have you considered doing this all server side using Perform Script on Server, thus there is no lag as no data has to be sent remotely.
  12. When using MirrorSync, backend development doesn't stop and it can be tedious to get the word out to inform all users that a new version of your solution is available to download. Here is a technique to do just so: Step 1: Create a table in your solution VERSION this table will have the minimum fields of a UID | version | URL | Time Stamp Create | Time Stamp Modify Step 2: Add this layout to your existing mirror sync layouts sync_version and put all fields on the layout as required by MS, and configure the table to sync hub to spoke ignoring changes in spoke and hub always wins conflicts. Step 3: Add a record to this table and start the version number at 1 and copy and paste the download link url provided by the MS config tool. Step 4: Make a cartesian join between this table your your main interface table where your users naturally perform the sync operation. Step 5: Add a Script: Version ( Check | Update ) the two parameters will either check the version and inform you of a new update, and a way to copy and download the URL. Step 6: On your main layout add a button that will hide when the variable $$version_update ≠ 1 (and also you can test to see if your not on the live version by testing of host name) Step 7: Button passes the "update" parameter to the script that simply copies the URL from off the side of the layout and presents a dialog box to the user to close the file and paste the URL into Safari where it will download the file and replace the original. How it works is fairly simple. When you have a new build ready, you go to the version table (single record table) and increment the version number, then open the script and update the version number there. When the user performs a sync they will be given the newest value from the version table - then you can run this "check" portion of the script to compare the value against local value from their script version which would be out of sync. The end result will light up a button informing them that a new build is ready to download.
  13. starting and stopping the service on the server took care of the issue.
  14. thanks - least i wasn't imagining it or missing some setting.
  15. I renamed the database and the name of the config doesn't make sense is there a way to rename the config with out deleting it and starting over?
  16. https://www.geistinteractive.com/checklist-moving-filemaker-code/ a good guide
  17. currently have 3.0408 running plan to update to the latest 3.14 at the same time update server (windows) to v2 in doing so will the existing remote users be able to sync with their current build?
  18. thanks Jesse - what file do i need to edit in MS on the server to add the FMS user credentials to be able to download files with out prompting for server password Never mind I found it
  19. actually I think I was also over tired when I posted - the latter two fields would be a Summary field using the Total of the corresponding fields. however that only evaluates correctly to the found set of records as a summary operate on the found set.
  20. two new calc fields: isClacorp = PatternCount ( domain_name ; "clacorp.org" ) isSadccf = PatternCount ( domain_name ; "sadccf.org" ) two summary fields: isClacorpCount = Sum ( isClacorp) isSadccf = Sum ( isSadccf )
  21. The Technique is a bit old and not sure how the iText license changed but this is one option. https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/combining-pdfs-the-blazing-fast-method
  22. Make a backup first: do a replace on your field: Substitute ( your::field ; "-" ; "_" ) will replace existing data. in the auto entry field you can use: Substitute ( self ; "-" ; "_" )
  23. Welcome to the Fourms, I am not sure how you database is constructed with regards the relationships but yes there would be a way to script duplicating the parent record and then duplicating the child records (appointments) and replacing the primary key of the new duplicate - even clearing out fields that are not relevant to the new record. It would all be done with scripts.
  24. In database terms: in FileMaker terms a predicate is one or more fields used as parent or foreign keys between two table occurrences.
  25. I think this custom function may be able to assist you in determining the values that are missing http://www.briandunning.com/cf/193