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  1. So this IS an old thread, but still valuable! Is there a way to IMPORT the SVG files (a folder) that we can find "out there", so we can study them and verify that they are FMP-icon-ready? Thanks!
  2. You cannot have spaces in names try \"Cost Price\"
  3. + wim and the third option by webko. ESS is a "two-way sync" if you will with FM and the MySQL. you can push or pull data between the two. If the data is in a FileMaker table (TO), then Set Field with it into the MySQL table (TO). ESS makes the data in the external SQL source behave much like any other "native" table in FileMaker. if you can move data from one native table to another in FileMaker, you can do the same with ESS (provided you have the proper permissions, of course!) NO SQL commands (via xDBC) or XML/PHP needed. in addition, should you wish, you can use Import and Execute SQL script steps to exchange data between FM tables and SQL tables (not ESS, but SQL queries) beverly
  4. yep on webko and wim! as I said, a query is TEXT. however you can calculate (or script gather) the text to make the query work for single or multiple records is ok. I have used both methods (even before there was "ESS")! beverly
  5. Same link as above for updater FMS 15.0.3. Release notes: beverly
  6. you can use EvaluationError() around your ExecuteSQL() to see if a number value is returned. another method to test (if you have FMPAdvanced (for using the DataViewer): beverly
  7. the query is a text result and as Wim says will need to calculate out correctly for the SQL db (and the driver) to understand it!
  8. Forward from Molly Connolly ==== Please join us for a planning Meeting for the Future of Women of FileMaker Please join us to discuss the future of Women of FileMaker. FMI has agreed to assist us in growing the program and we would love your ideas, input and action! We will be discussing: Goals & Mission Statement Leadership Logistics If you can't make this meeting don't worry there will be more! Or you can post your ideas in this forum. Please register below and feel free to share! Nov 7, 2016 12:00 PM EST After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. ==== beverly p.s. Please register if you have an interest. Comment on the Facebook page if desired. This is merely an announcement and comments not needed here.
  9. try saving the worksheet as .csv and then import and agreed with comment. ".xls" is Excel, not ".xsl" (Extensible Stylesheet Language) beverly
  10. I made an addition/update to my article about an XML with XSLT export issue with Windows: then I added a demo file. It is a *known* issue in Windows only (per TS in FM Community forum). my demo only addresses the "Export Field Contents" and not XML with other XSLT (on Windows). beverly
  11. if you can get the data without SQL, then store in variables for your charts. otherwise, see if this self-join example gives you clues
  12. Or SUM ( voteYes ) if the value is 1, 0 or empty, no need to search for voteYes = 1 beverly
  13. this has been asked and answered: beverly p.s. if cross-posting (posting the same question on more than one forum), please notify the others that you are doing so (typically with [x-post] in the subject). It prevents duplication. And if answers are achieved on one, but not the other, it is polite to post the correct answer on all forums where the question was asked, since not all people are on all forums.
  14. export does NOT require ONE tab. You can have "blank" columns on export: a<tab><tab><tab>b c<tab>d<tab><tab>e
  15. any separator is ok in ExecuteSQL() and if 4 'tabs' (HT) work, there is no problem. The align on decimal is very powerful! I was not sure what "tab control" means, unless it's the tab settings/tab stops for the object as bruce shows you. Are you able to find these dialogs? beverly