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  1. I'm not familiar sage, Your going to need to know what DB it's running and version so that you can have the correct version of driver installed on the Filemaker side. You also may want to look and see if they have an API for integrating. Using the API can be a safer way to integrate.
  2. That Worked.. I have no idea what that does.. But it works. Thanks once again Comment..
  3. Thisbeing used when I'm exporting XML so currently it's a set field calc that is Global.. Not being used for any layout. The issue with having a field to hold the offset is that would need to be changed based on the Daylight saving. The Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) knows this info.. Just trying to get this info into a Time format.
  4. I need to get the Current Time in UTC and reformat it to HH:mm:ssZ I was thinking that I need to use Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) Any tips? Thanks
  5. Thanks Comment I will submit for review.
  6. It does have the hex dump.. But that not telling me much. Here are the two files.. One from Mac the other from windows MacVersion.xml Windows.xml
  7. I'm sure that very possible. I've used Text Wrangler, TextMate and Sublime and all show the same issue.
  8. Attached is the Stylesheet. ShippingACK.xsl
  9. I don't think it's going to cause an issue. But I'm more concerned with the change in behavior? I would aspect to see the same thing regardless of platform.
  10. When I'm exporting an xml from a script thats running on a Windows server it's adding <CR><CR> after each line. It's not doing that when I export it local on OS X. I'm using the same XSL. Any clue? Thanks
  11. Oh dang.. I was on the wrong layout when I was exporting.. Thank so much for your help..
  12. I've tried to mimic what you were doing. But has you can see it's not even coming close based on the files I've uploaded. What am I doing wrong? Shipments.xsl Shipments.xml
  13. That is exactly what I'm needing.. I posted a screen shot of the export to show the tables that I'm grabbing from. Can you break down what this is doing xsl:value-of select="../../fmp:COL[3]/fmp:DATA[$i]
  14. I've got a new problem with getting the data out as xml. The customer has changed the xml and they have added <LineDetail> so that all the line items are now nested in the <Order> Ive attached as new xml for review. Any help would be great. Thanks ShipAck.xml
  15. This works great.. Thanks for the tip.