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  1. As it state above them “Rate this topic" They are for rating the Question? I don’t recall anyone doing that though. LOL
  2. Hi WF7A, I wouldn’t have expected your FM12 theme would be in the FM15 theme Folder. There was a lot of discussion on how to modify the css in v12 when it was released. Those bold enough were warned by others that these themes could be lost when an update of FM12 was released. The suggestion was to save your theme somewhere other then in the same folder as the ones provided to FileMaker 12. If you still have the FileMaker 12 themes, I would check there (or an external folder if by chance the advice was followed). You could also import that theme from the active file. You might want to review the links I just posted to http://fmforums.com/topic/101117-clear-modified-states/#comment-460254 and the follow up one. HTH Lee
  3. If you haven’t already seen these videos, you may find some additional help in them. http://www.designingfilemaker.com/2015/10/10/converting-from-the-classic-theme-part-1-the-guts/ http://www.designingfilemaker.com/2016/02/12/converting-from-the-classic-theme-part-2-the-glory/ http://www.designingfilemaker.com/2014/08/08/designing-layouts-using-themes-styles/
  4. There are some good resources on how to work with the Inspector using themes, and styles. If you are a member of ISO Magazine, I found this video among the best help in understanding how you can use these tools. (Re)Theming Solutions
  5. Hi Barbara, Minimalist wasn’t available in 12, that is why I think it is important to know the version. Lee Dr. Evil, Thanks for updating the version.
  6. Hi Dr. Evil, Please update your profile to reflect your current Version of FileMaker. Button States were not available in 11. TIA Lee
  7. Hey schotja, You need to post a method of contact. BTW, be sure to let us know when these positions that your posting get filled. Otherwise, we can only assume your Services Wanted posts are still open from Dec, Jan and Feb. If you are still needing to fill these positions, you might try and find a developer in your area to contract with here. https://developer.filemaker.com/search/ TIA for your cooperation. Lee
  8. Where is Home Office, and what is the area (city, state, etc) that the employee will cover?
  9. Hi Imdarek and welcome to the FM Forums, You posted this question in the FM Server 11, are these files being served? You should contact Admin to see if your Accounts and Privileges can be modified so you can do this.
  10. Did you try rebuilding the indexes? Here is a topic that may interest you. HTH Lee
  11. I changed the field calculation to show how it should be structure. Mailing_Label_test_1 MOD.fmp12 Hey Webco, I accidentally deleted your topic. The Forum (or me) is showing double postings today, and I thought that it had actually double posted your reply. Please resubmit it as it is a great way to approach the OPs need.
  12. Have you tried doing a Google search using site:fmforums.com for a keyword(s)?
  13. Hi Glasstrean, version 10 lacks a lot of the finer formatting tools through the Inspector (introduced in version 11). Go to the Menu Bar >> Format >> Number and you will see the menu like the attached. HTH Lee
  14. What version are they in now? Is each year a separate file?
  15. Compatibility can always be found at FileMaker Inc. https://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7546/ Lee