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  1. Hi iBob, and welcome to the FM Forums, I don't know how much this will help You might have more luck in starting your own thread. Here is something you should read to understand how to post a question on the FM Forums, Anatomy of a Good Topic
  2. Can you post a screenshot of what you are wanting to get ride of?
  3. but he was upgrading to 15.
  4. Hi Wim, Isn't the link I posted? Lee
  5. Custom Menus? Accounts and Privileges?
  6. You can still purchase the products http://store.filemaker.com/individuals
  7. why can't you just print them out as labels?
  8. Probably not. Although most of them are members, they come and go as their spare time allows. I sent you a Private Message over 4 hours ago, and I see you haven't read it yet.
  9. Hi gav, and welcome to the FM Forums, David hasn't been back (or logged in) since December 2006. You might try sending him an email at his site http://www.foundationdbs.com/contact.html Lee
  10. The referenced item has been moved or changed or there is an error in the name (script side or Item). Use the Script Debugger and Data Viewer and step through the script.
  11. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14544/~/filemaker-15-upgrade-qualifications
  12. Button Bars were introduce in V14.
  13. Hi Stefangs, Are you still using FileMaker Pro v10?
  14. Hi Phanman, dcooley hasn’t return to the FM Forums since posting this question on September 16, 2014 Why not take this opportunity to explain your situation and not confuse the older post with your own need. Are you still using v9? If not, Please update your profile to reflect your current version of FileMaker Pro, Operating System, and Platform, a current Profile helps us to see important information when answering your questions. Also, it makes in unnecessary for you to have to state this information in your questions. Take a look at Anatomy of a Good Topic for some information about how to ask a question. TIA Lee