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  1. Do you see the file in FMgo 15? It has to be loaded in FMgo 15. If you see it, what happens when you say it doesn't open? i.e. I click on it and it does't react, or it opens and close without a dialogue, etc.
  2. What version of Go Software is installed on both iPads? Are they the same version?
  3. Hi Cynthia and welcome to the FM Forums, This file came to mind from the posts in the thread. https://blog.beezwax.net/2016/11/22/fun-with-filemaker-button-bars-part-2-expert-panel/ I remember other example files being made available right after the introduction of Button Bars. I see if I can find more. Lee
  4. From where it was posted.
  5. Hi John, That was what I was meant. Your response has eliminated some things. Maybe one of our Window 10 users can provide some other ideas. Lee
  6. Hi John, I don't have a windows machine, so if it is system related I'm no help. Reinstalling FileMaker Pro seem pretty drastic. This sounds more like a corrupted file to me. Has the file been improperly closed lately? Is the file being served? Do you have a clean backup of the file? Have you tried to recreate the problem in a different file? Lee
  7. Hi BCA and welcome to the FM Forums, Are you using FileMaker Pro 12, or were you referring to the file ext of .fmp12, because Sliders weren't introduced until version 13? Lee
  8. Hi John, Have you been able to set the Single Step before and this is a new problem? If so, what Single Step are you trying to set? BTW, it does this if you don't provide a step using the Box that pops up with the Single Step selection. Lee
  9. Hi Barbara, Why not use checkboxes?
  10. Hi Andi You can download a Free Trial of FileMaker Pro 15 here http://info2.filemaker.com/FileMaker_trial_request.html It has a time limit, but you should be able to get a feel for how it works. Check out the example files that is included HTH Lee
  11. Hi Andi and welcome to the FM Forums, Your question sounds like you haven't purchased a copy of FileMaker yet? You ask a multitude of questions so I moved it here.
  12. What's the Function name, Or link?
  13. I should have have changed the theme name when I did the above. p.s. What theme did you start with? This one was a custom theme. BTW, if this doesn't help, I would report it as a bug and see if FileMaker can help https://community.filemaker.com/community/discussions/report-an-issue
  14. I don't have a way to test in Web Direct, perhaps someone else can step in. I know that there were some things that didn't work like they do in FileMaker, and I kind of remember that the themes were a problem? Which Theme did you start with? Just for kicks, I changed the theme to Minimalist and then recreated the colors and lines to see if it would remove any influences from the starting theme. If it isn't tied to the theme, then I would do a Bug Report with FileMaker. Theme Test 3.fmp12
  15. Do you mean that when you modify a this Tab in FileMaker, it doesn't hold in Web Direct? or, you don't see how to modify a theme object? I modified your tabs to show lines and rounded colors see Theme Test Copy.fmp12 I'm not sure why it wouldn't hold in using Web Direct, maybe you need to save the changes made to a new style name, and then save it to a new theme?
  16. For the example file, the link is
  17. Hi sherry, Yep, at least as far as Tim Dietrich is concerned. http://timdietrich.me/fmeasyweb/ He states (highlighted yellow) that he no longer supports this solution. Lee
  18. There are several articles on this topic that were were posted when FileMaker 14 was released. You might read through what was posted here earlier, but here are some links that have videos. I just did a quick search using Google for this, Themes and Styles in FileMaker 14 which should get you going. If you are a subscriber to ISO Magazine, I have found this article very helpful https://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/retheming-solutions There are several videos on youtube you might find helpful too filemaker videos youtube themes and styles Ask your question about user access to making changes to layouts in the Security Topic. Lee
  19. http://fmhelp.filemaker.com/fmphelp_14/en/html/find_sort.5.6.html Read the section about exact matches
  20. Have you tried using the Error Capture in your script? It sounds like your file may have developed corruption. Have you tried opening it in the previous version of FileMaker? Does it still crash? Do you have a backup copy of the file? If so, does it have the same problem?
  21. You might find reading the help on value list helpful. http://fmhelp.filemaker.com/fmphelp_14/en/html/edit_layout.10.49.html Also, do a search for Conditional Value List or Dynamic Value Lists.
  22. Try these two searches using google site: fmforums.com conditional value list site: fmforums.com dynamic value list
  23. This looks more like a spam popup then a crash report? Did you contact FileMaker Inc? Did you report this to FileMaker? Lee
  24. Hi iBob, and welcome to the FM Forums, I don't know how much this will help You might have more luck in starting your own thread. Here is something you should read to understand how to post a question on the FM Forums, Anatomy of a Good Topic