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  1. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    I highly doubt it. Unless there is a faulty NIC or a faulty switch port, or very aggressive QoS on the network that de-prioritizes FM traffic, network throughput is almost never an issue. Of the 4 traditional bottlenecks (memory, processing, network, disk i/o) invariably the issues tend to be disk i/o and processing power (# of cores, speed of cores) in relation to the design of the solution. Don't have any more ideas; this would require a much more in-depth analysis of the various logs and a look at the solution to see what could be up.
  2. Upgrade FMP 13 to FMP 15 on Mac Mini

    I would suggest getting a Mac guy to assist; that would be the most expedient way to go. Especially once you get to installing FMS. There is no upgrade; you have to uninstall FMS13, remove any leftovers and reboot. Then install FMS15. Before you uninstall you need to document the current FMS settings and schedules so that you configure FMS15 exactly like 13 was. It is imperative that you find what is consuming the disk space. How big is the FM solution itself? Including any Remote Container folders it may have...
  3. Upgrade FMP 13 to FMP 15 on Mac Mini

    Do you mean FMP or FMS? Big difference in how it is installed... Since FMS15v3 supports 10.12 that is probably the OS that will give you the longest shelf life http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5677/~/filemaker-server-operating-system-requirements---all-versions What is consuming that other 230GB on the server? The server should be dedicated to the FMS task so it shouldn't have things that consume that much disk space. Having other things there is a risk to the stability of the deployment.
  4. Strange portal link behaviour. Is it a bug?

    What you have is two conflicting events that you handle without regard for each other. You want your OnButtonClick to done one thing but your OnLayoutExit does another thing. I have the sense that this is a simplified demo so it may not show exactly what you do in your actual solution. Events fire in a very particular order (see http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2015/05/filemaker-14-script-triggers for a really good overview and sandbox file) and a script attached to an event that runs after your intended event can produce a totally unexpected result if not handled properly.
  5. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    Yes, 6-year old hardware is very crappy. Also your VMware has only 2 logical processors which is not enough to run FMS on with any kind of solution. Not sure about the screen response, that doesn't strike me as relevant at all. In a server you're not looking at UI update metrics. In general I wouldn't want to draw any conclusions from those numbers. while there are some big relative differences the absolute differences are so small in real time that they can be caused by anything.
  6. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    Hmmm... I would seriously reconsider making an app that produces a (binding?) legal document and that people will have physically on their machines. But that's just me and maybe I'm making the legal aspect too big. Might a web app work for your scenario? Without integration with a proper document generation tool, you still don't need to take data from the answers and put them in a separate table. Can you give us some examples of boilerplate text where answer data would need to be inserted?
  7. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    If the end result is a legal document then creating the output is a matter of merging data with the template document. The actual document template should be in Word or a similar tool that is good at that. Word and its counterparts are very good at allowing data to be merged into templates. So you have the two challenges: 1- guide the user through the right questions, in FM. 2- merge the answers into a document (FM data --> the document template) I'll disagree on the 'only tool' bit, use a document creation tool for the template; don't do that part in FM. Let FM be the data and set up the merge.
  8. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    Perhaps you should show the script that you use to do the thing that you describe as "I can do it with variables,..." I don't follow that part. Rereading the whole thread: it is not entirely clear to me what your desired outcome is. I'm guessing a printout of the survey showing the relevant questions and answers? That should be completely doable without collecting anything in variables or dumping data from variables into a separate table with one field per question. Most of the answers provided so far point in that direction but I think we're lacking a lot of specifics as to what you are currently doing or what you want to end up with. If what I wrote in my first paragraph is what you are after, then the suggestions provided so far are on the right track. For tables/entities you have: 1- Questions (all possible questions) 2- Survey types (vacation, wedding, whatever,...) 3- Survey template (all possible questions for a given survey type - a join table between 1 and 2) 4- Question rules (this is the most complex one since it describes the path through the survey, the conditional aspect of what question from the survey template is served up next, is optional, is skipped,...) 5- Surveys (the parent entity for someone starting to answer questions) 6- Questions on the Survey (questions taken from the survey template) 7- Answers to the Questions When a survey is completed you basically have nothing but a found set of Q&A records for the survey and outputting / printing that is dead-simple and does not require collating that data in yet another table. If you don't agree with these entities, let us know which ones you don't see and why?
  9. Table with many fields or table with generic field?

    Not only is it cumbersome, it's almost certainly entirely unnecessary. It would help to understand your thinking into why you feel you can't achieve the final output with the proper data structure that does not require one field per question. (If it wasn't clear from the other posts in the thread: having one field per question is a really bad idea).
  10. There is nothing inherently bad or wrong about having multiple FM files / different solutions open at the same time. People do it all the time. There is however the possibility of accidentally doing something that causes unwanted interference between the two. Say that solution A has a hidden window named "temp" and a script in solution B has a script step to select a window named "temp" with the option to only select windows from the current file turned off: it could select that window from solution A.
  11. FM 14 Server and Scale HC3 Architecture

    'page faults' as in the Windows Performance monitor counter? Paging is handled by the OS, not FMS. FMS maintains its own cache and writes to that continuously, but that cache will not grow larger than the setting for it in the admin console. What problems does it cause? What does the FMS stats.log say? What counters are high there when this happens?
  12. Not sure what you mean by 'integrated'. Running a DDR is a feature of FMPA. Anyway; noticed that you also posted on FM Community site and got more answers there so I'll refrain from keeping two threads alive. As a gentle reminder: it is good form to indicate that a post is cross-posted on multiple forums. A lot of us are on those different forums.
  13. HTML version of the DDR? Is it there in the XML version of the DDR, try the trial versions of FMPerception, BaseElements or Inspector Pro if you don't want to dig into the XML yourself? What do you mean with 'earlier version of the DDR'? From a previous version of the file?
  14. Distribution list for actives

    Cross-post with https://community.filemaker.com/thread/175457 (It's ok to cross-post but it is good form to indicate your post as such since a lot of the people on both forums are the same)

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